My 2 ideas

-merge lrp and mrp
-make officer beepsky, the floorbot, etc, playable roles

Idea nr1: no they are separate for a reason
Idea nr2: no that’s just inviting people to griff and also you can use pais for that


1-it’s a good idea
2-youre telling me you don’t want to play as officer beepsky

1 LRP and MRP attract different people. It’s a bad idea.
2 you can play as beepsky, just wait for a wizard to give you teh powa.

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Idea 1 - Wouldn’t make sense to merge the two servers as they both have different rules and different players.

Idea 2 - Wouldn’t entirely want beepsky to be a playable role as it can be very easily abused.

1- if in a year player count is still around max 40 for both mrp and lrp, then merging would make a lot of sense
2- i think it should be possible for the roboticist to place a p brain in beepsky or any other bot like beepsky

1- mrp already functions as mrp/lrp, and with the slur ban, it’s obvious that beestation staff isn’t interested in catering to the lrp crowd. i think lrp should be merged in mrp and then function as mrp
2- sir isn’t it your job to stop people from abusing roles anyways, “potentially too much chaos” isn’t a reason to me when there’s a functioning team of admins that play

1 - Merging LRP and MRP would just be deleting MRP. Its not a real merge. MRP was made in an attempt to make LRP more newbie friendly (which failed by the way.) and create a less chaotic server over all (which worked). MRP functions as MRP. I recently made a post about how what defines MRP needs to be clarified in order to unblur the line between LRP and MRP.

The core Idea of MRP is in the name. Medium role play for all players. Less power gaming, less greytiding, less of a shitshow. More of doing ya damn job, not breaking into every other department for a single item, less self antagonizing over all. LRP used to hold all the players, sure. When I started playing, it was around the ssethtide (i didnt even know that was a thing when i started though), and LRP consistently had new players and about 100 player count. That didn’t last, of course. LRP drives people who want longer shifts and a better experience away. The shifts RARELY last an hour, be it due to everything being blown up, murdered, or set on fire within the first 20 minutes, or due to someone getting bored with the shift and calling to end the round so maybe they get antag next round. MRP holds half of beestations player base because FUCK that shit. Its okay sometimes, but that garbage is EVERY round on LRP.

2 - Its called pAI, and you can technically become one round start. They cannot be put into beepsky for obvious reasons. LRP is a shit show as it is without a bunch of sentient beepsky’s running around. There is a midround event that can happen though that makes beepsky sentient. Otherwise, pAI can be placed in most other bots, excluding EDs.

1- you know i really agree. i guess what i’m saying is just to disband LRP completely. only thing is that sage and golden have been about equal in player counts, as of late
2- i just want to play as beepsky STOP RUINING IT W UR MISERABLE LOGISTICS

I can understand the negative sentiment towards LRP. It often contains the worst people and experience beestation has to offer. Power gaming, metacomms, meta gaming, murderboning, and general shittery. But there are good times on LRP too sometimes. If you die on MRP, instead of waiting 2+ hours to play again, you can hop on LRP because odds are it just ended a 30 minute round. I dont agree that it should be disbanded, because thats like HALF of beestations playerbase. but at the same time, that half of the player base also tends to be pretty toxic.

Also, round start spawn general beepsky role when

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