Muted from the Beecord for ahelping people who were pseudo-flirting and talking about "getting laid on citadel" and cyborg/dog vore

Discord ID: The Maggot Guy#3950

Admin Discord ID: no clue? Beebot just DMs me warnings.

Ban Type: Mute?

Ban Length: No clue, all of a sudden I can’t chat on the beecord anymore

Ban Date: 09-1-2020

Ban Reason: I guess I got 3 warnings? So it must be a 3 strikes and you’re out thing, but it doesn’t say that at #discord-rules-and-information so IDK. The warnings I’m here to appeal are:


Don’t harass other players





Don’t ping adminhelp for useless stuff like just saying “Sex” again.



Appeal Reason: People were literally talking about how they “only got laid on Cit Main for some reason” and how citadel has dogborgs that vore people and it’s animated, and Victor Pride and Velvet Pinkwalt were pseudo-flirting. Just a borderline NSFW atmosphere, so I pinged @adminelp with a basic description of there being borderline nsfw. Don’t remember exactly what I said because now I can’t even look at the beecord but I got literally no response. A bit later I pinged again, saying "sex’ as in, there’s sex talk here, assuming they would look at the earlier ping as well and the chat around for context. But that didn’t happen. @llol111 told me to not ping adminhelp just to say “sex”, to which I explained that they were talking NSFW in #general, and assumed it was ok. Then I get pinged by beebot saying I had a warning and now I can’t talk in any of the channels besides #the-salt-mines and #mentor? It’s weird.

Additional Information: It wasn’t a random ping so the warning and the ban should be lifted.

Additional Appeal Reason: The warning for harassment was for me teasing velvet about her borderline ERP with VictorPride by directly quoting the cringe lines like “b-but what will people think” and “Velvet Pinkawalt lets out a surprised gasp at the sudden attention at her tail, before relaxing and letting Zane’s hand go down her silk-like tail.” Just cringey crap like that. Rule 2 of the Beestation rules literally says about ERP, “We may or may not share the logs so others can laugh at you.”, and that specific interaction was on the Wall Of Shame for everyone to see and laugh at. If it was okay for the admins to do and is almost encouraged by the rules, why is it not ok for me? And I don’t really consider it “harassment” when it was literally just me quoting their own words back to them, with no new input on my own. And regardless of if you consider it harassment, the rule against harassment on the Beecord says "1. Do not harass any member of the community. Continuing after warnings will result in punishment. But like, when one of the admins came on from velvet’s ahelp warning me to stop, I stopped. So why was I punished?

Additional Additional Information: Regardless of whether or not you consider teasing someone by quoting their ERP back to them harassment, the actual rule against harassment says you’ll only get punished if you continue after being warned to stop, and I stopped. So why was I punished?

This was for digging up logs from a forum thread and posting them while pinging one of the players involved.

The rules literally say you’ll only be punished if you continue after being warned. I got warned so I stopped. Yet here I am because I got punished for it. It counted against me, ergo, it was a punishment.

Also to respond to powerful bacon quoting me

Idk man I assume that the people hooked into the @adminhelp function are discord mods only considering the rules say you’re not supposed to go to the discord to ping the admins for ahelp issues revolving around the game. Is it not just an ss13 themed mod ping? Why get mad if you’re the one who signed up for it?

“getting laid on citadel station” must the most pathetic boast in the history of inter-human communication


Edit: This^

You pinged the admins 3 times when they were talking about vore icons in the code.
@adminhelp actually kinda of getting too sexual in here’
@adminhelp sex’

I literally thought I was muted from the ahelp function, since I know that that’s a thing that can be done and I got 0 response. Banning someone for pinging you about nsfw stuff when 2 people are low-key flirting is kind of funky imo

After i said in #general to not ping the admins with just “sex” he did indeed @ me again, explaining he pinged about what he thought to have been a breach of our no NSFW rule.
I didnt end up doing anything about it, since i saw bloons posting in general and assumed he’d take care of it.

Senselessly pinging 5 times is not based, but getting muted for trying to get an admin response is also not verry based in my oppinion.

i guess its up to warning admin to decide if this should be removed yet? @Kerbin_Fiber

While I’m heavily inclined to not unmute you due to the fact that your first warning is for pinging @adminhelp for no real reason, I’m going to anyway.

But yeah, Beebot auto-muted you for getting 3 warnings. I’m gonna unmute you but I’m not taking off the third warning since the ping only said “sex” with no real context.
Plus Bloons was there.