Muted for questioning Maggots sexual orientations

Discord ID: Ksanavaari#6239

Admin Discord ID: Unknown

Ban Type: Mute

Ban Length: Untill appealed

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 09/07/2020

Ban Reason: Spammed gachi to The Maggot Guy in dms and questioned their sexuality.

Appeal Reason: Ive spent some time in the mutecave and feel like emerging from the crypt of autism. No excuse for my actions, I harassed Maggot in dms with the spam and by questioning his sexuality in the server. Now I know the limits of targetted shitposting and I dont intend on continuing this scale of spam and harassment on members of the community.

Additional Information:

I’d be ok with lifting this. You’ve made a solid genuine effort to improve yourself recently. I think he deserves another chance.

Ah so only minor gachi spam then, alright.

Gachi seems to be obviously out of question, even though its all well censored.

Why is spamming someone in DMs even relevant to the server? Can’t he just block you?


That’s true, it’s not like it happened in the servers. Bee should not punish actions thay have happened outside of Bee.

Id guess that because its still spamming to someone in the community. I also did trash talk him a little in the discord after he pingspammed but majority of the harassment was still in DMs. Guess you gotta find the admin who banned me to get the exact reasoning.

This was my mute originally, so I’ll go ahead and lift it with the opinions of others, but something else to say on the topic first.

@Ravellon @Nildo1 if someone goes from harassing them in the server channels to being told to stop and decides to take it into a DM as a continuation, specifically to post images they know would get them in trouble in the server - it’s very much harassment within the community.

Our rules don’t say “Just block people who are being assholes and harassing you”. They say “Be civil. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech.”