Mute and warning appeal

**Discord ID:**NovaRemnant#0935

**Admin Discord ID:**1st one Derpling#4498 idk third your really bad mute system doesn’t say

Ban Type: Discord warning and mute

Ban Length: forever?

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 05/09/2021

Ban Reason: first warning is bullshit, third seemed reactionary

Appeal Reason: re: first warning, llol was being adminbussy so people in discord were cracking wise with normal sentences in uwuspeak, for which I was kicked once and warned once for 0 points. Afterwards when someone asked what the kick was for I said it was for uwuspeak which triggered a third warning worth 1 point which is stupid.

Third warning was for a video of a dude getting mario ground pounded cut with scenes from The Lord of the Rings Balrog’s scene. I take it the warning admin just saw someone boutta be sat on and didn’t bother watching but it was no more sexually explicit than anything else in that channel, let alone in game.

Additional Information: second is whatever, stay triggered snowflake liberals
also merge my transformation toxin pr because apids and ethereals are left out still

I unironically liked that video but maybe it was not child friendly for the server. or maybe im too much of a boomer for this. But sort of perma mute is too much for this.

They should perma mute the hot dog video which can get spammed 5125135452123 times a month by single user

All mutes are the same: Three points = mute. Appeal points successfully until you have less than three for an unmute.

First warning was by @llol111 so he’ll have to deal with that one. I do agree it seems to have been joking around but I’m gonna let him make his own case on it.

Third warning was mine and I polled other available admins about the video before issuing it. I stand by saying it was inappropriate.

I will say this makes for a particularly bad impression though.

It’s a joke, helps if you saw the picture in particular the warn was for. I’m not appealing that one, though.

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alright. but what about posting the same video over and over and over again? isnt this also inappropriate?

Now I understand it can be a good funny meme in the beginning. But now It is like an itch that cannot be scratched

There is no issue with posting the hotdog or any other video repeatedly in 6h messages. It’s pretty hard to “spam” when you can only send one message every six hours.

If you want to spend that on the same video every time, go for it.

Spam applies to other channels without limits though

I gave you a 0 point warning when i was shutting down uwu speak in general
You didnt stop so i gave you a proper 1 point warning.

Since “no uwu speak” was an order, but it isnt actualy a rule as of currently, i will be removing my one point warning. Sure, i was mostly messing about - but never shall it be said that i am a man of empty threats. If i say “the next person to use uwu speak gets kicked” you better well bet that the next person to use uwu speak gets kicked.

TLDR - im removing my 1pt warning

Player failed to respond after 2 weeks, closing.

You are free to make another appeal.