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What if we could use Spotify to stream music in-game? It would be kinda nice and I imagine chill to hang out in the bar and talk about music. :3

I want to play this one and talk about it with others. xd

Perhaps if it were limited to one music player per station and can only be ordered via Cargo much like the SM.

You’ve just reinvented the jukebox. It’s already a thing, and it’s config based.

Which is also infamous for people trying to troll and playing woody got wood or other stupid shit on it


Oh… In my like 600 hours I’ve never seen or heard it used before?

The Jukebox only has a single song in it, sadly.

So it is shite is what you’re telling me?

Can it be extended to actually function?

Easily, yes, I think it either takes just a mp3 or youtube link, but it would require either Code or Config changes, from memory.

That’s my suggestion then. lol

Fix the jukebox!! xd

There is exactly zero chance players will ever be able to play actual music unrestricted. There are always the ingame instruments you can use though, they’re actually pretty good and you can find a lot of songs for them.

Spotify is kinda well curated? Could perhaps implement minimum view count minimum too? So only songs with a significant amount of views can be played.

The instruments are a bit… janky. It becomes a parody of the song you’re trying to play. It can be fun for some time, I enjoyed recognizing songs other people were playing. But wouldn’t be the same as listening to the actual song itself.

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The issue is not only letting people choose their own songs (which is in and of itself already a big no even with spotify) but also that we don’t want to get in trouble due to copyright. Which is why we removed our original lobby songs.

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Now, if this gets implemented
I want someone to start a timer to see how long it takes for anyone to play an earrape song on it.


Streaming it is fine though, right?

In and of itself that is already a greyzone. Generally crossed dislikes admins playing music ingame as well.
But as long as it isn’t directly written into code it’s more or less fineish. But then again, players being able to play their own songs is just going to be a no.

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