Murderbone on Beestation

Antags should exist to have fun, let her have her fun. If you want to stop them, do so, or just stop playing spacemen. Or wait for your roll.

We have murderbone rules for a reason. If everyone starts to bone - it will be unfun after a day or so.


There’s a difference in finding a cool, fun reason to kill everyone and just killing everyone for no reason.

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Split this off of the report because this has room to be its own discussion, but @Bamhalazam has no grounds to veto a player report about murderboning.

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Antags do not exist purely so the antag can have fun at everyone else’s expense and that is frankly a toxic way to think about this or any game imo.

Antags definitely get the spiciest roll and break away from the monotony, but its their job to make rounds interesting for everyone.


Antagonists are the driving force for a round, if you are an antagonist, that means its YOUR time to be the star of the round and cause general chaos and keep security on their toes, its not going to be very fun orbiting a guy who just grinded you up in a maintenance tunnel

Isn’t this sort of gameplay why you play on tg or whatever? I think it’d be cool to have a specific kind of antag that maybe has a pass to murderbone. A serial killer that has dark compulsions to attack a certain kind of person, or a werewolf that goes apeshit on a timer. It doesn’t make any roleplay sense why a syndicate operative would run around powergaming and killing everyone, it doesn’t really fit our roster at all and it’s not fun for anyone.

Edit: There’s also the fact that it probably feels really terrible to kill someone, and I doubt that all antagonists are stone cold sociopaths. I honestly think you oughta incur a mood debuff for taking a life unless you’re an antag charged to take that specific life.


Yep! I agree with that.

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Murderboning is fun for 1 person and not fun for like 30.

You say that and Wizards still exist.


and wizards are fun as hell, to watch, fight against and play as, thus proving bacon wrong

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?? Literally every wizard round innocent bystanders trying to exist get fireballed and instantly killed, medbay in ruins, it is definitely not a fun time for anybody thats not playing wizard or security


I’m having so much fun getting instantly killed by an antagonist murderizing the entire station with admin tier powers.

Damn, this instant death, one tap statue, AOE fireball, so much combat!

Max you do against wizard is wait for them to fuck up, they dont? Good game well played you are now rotting dead with most likely nobody reviving you for the rest of the round.

Medbay is always targeted for some reason, wizard players who say its fun to instakill defenseless doctors are apes in human flesh.

The only other role other than the wizard and sec that’s having fun (and sec might be a bit debatable honestly) is chaplain, because you’re mostly immune to their spells.

The Holy Cult of Carp’sie is jumping in glee and joy on wizard rounds

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Bullet to the face from the magic gun still kill you just as fast, or fireball to the tile beside you.

Make Chaplain overpowered combatant against wizards as well as cultists, if you have holy water in your bloodstream as long as you have it you wont be affected by wizard spells like chaplain.

In that case MAYBE Wizard will have more counterplay from crying and rotten crew members.

Instead of only one person having fun, now it’s a whole two.

Chaplains holy water could make crew capable of boning wizard so those fuckers will have to spend more time thinking than unga bunga shooting dragonballs