Multiple valid hunting report (known ckeys)

In-game report: Multiple valid-hunters

CKEY: Acronad

Your Discord: Acronad

Offender’s CKEY: multiple, the only two I caught being evildragonfiend and mailsz

Offender’s In-Game Name: multiple but I only caught Ignite-the-Flamescale and Hal Wise

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12/30/2022

Round Number: 42028

Rules Broken: 2.3 No validhunting

Incident Description: As a traitor near the end of the round I killed my target, the detective. While talking to a borg about it (and miserably failing to emag said borg) Ignites comes up and tries to take the body, to which I warn them not to touch it and to leave with my saw out. Shortly after they take it anyway and go through a teleporter nearby. After Emagging the borg me, the borg, and a pyro slime, all went through the teleporter together to find the det, as I had promised the slime he could eat it. After some chasing through halls I catch up to Ignites and tell them to drop the body, I think I may have hit them once with the saw to deter them. They drop the body and I begin dragging it away again. Hal Wise then comes and shoves me onto a table and across it into the kitchen. I climb back across, attack some to deter them again and try to recover the body, drawing in quite an audience. Shortly after Ignites begins shoving me into a wall, Hal is shoving and attacking, someone grabbed the det’s revolver loaded with lethals (Det was a traitor too) and starts firing in the hall, hitting several people. I believe there were more weapons going around. Eventually I go down, pyro slime is killed and I end up in maintenance where Ignites chases me and continues attacking me to crit.

Additional Information: I couldn’t tell exactly what all happened in the chaos but I believe there were multiple weapons going off in the fight, the det was the only security as far as I am aware. I tried to tell people to put the body down and leave it be several times, threatening when I did


@EvilDragon @mailsz Mind explaining yourself?

well, the fight was very chaotic, not gonna lie, but I never used any weapon at the moment.
note that my attempts were based on this: save my kin.

so, yes, Actias was with the det lizardperson, and it seemed they wouldn’t revive him. They even said to the slime ‘eat det’ (which isn’t possible as slime can’t eat a dead body) and I realised they wouldn’t revive. There was a quantum pad that I can escape from the hallway to R&D with the body, so I stole the body and ran away from the situation.

After I tend wounded the det in the robotics, an exploration crew came to me asking how things are. They got some help from me for the exploration in prior so that’s why they came to me. so I said I should revive him but I have no defib. The explo fireman-carried the body then left the R&D with me, and Actias appeared, but I intentionally closed R&D doors to delay their attempt to catch us (which didn’t work well)

Once we arrived the medbay, Actias followed us right there, then threatened us leave the body, and explo left the body. - it’s the start of the moment where the chaotic fight started.
I tried to retake the body as possible as I can even if I would die (and I had no weapons at the moment). The fight was very chaotic, not gonna lie, again, I can’t remember how that went.
it was Box kitchen where is very open and in front of the medbay, there were people: QM lizardperson (which was tot as well), a human engineer?, Hal Wise (robo), an Exploration Crew, Me(scientist), Actias, The slime, Janiborg.
I tried to shove Actias, not attacking them directly at the first. After Actias was critted in front of the botany finally, medibot recovered them, so I hit them a few times to make him crit again. Those actual attacks were only what I did as the only attempts I did was to shove or grab Actias except for that.
I don’t know how people joined the fight, but I was just going to dare my possible death by trying to save my kin’s body from Actias.

Again, my attempt was only to get my kin’s body.

Additional info:
There was another fight in the shuttle, it is actually out of the main issue.

Now that you mention it, a gun fight broke out between a traitor and non-antag on the shuttle befofe it landed and i couldn’t quite figure out how the engineer even managed to get his hands on a gun, and it did seem pretty clear he was out to kill a valid there.

I was thinking of making a report for it, but I didn’t really have enough perspective on what was going on to make a report for it, so I’ll drop that bit here since someone mentioned it.


actually, I can’t remember it. Did the engineer shoot the gun? If right, that’s weird how he has it… I think a gun was used in the hallway fight, but I can’t remember who used the gun.

It was awfully chaotic, wasn’t it? Real messy, thanks for sharing your side, as for the the gun I think someone got it off of the detective’s body when I originally killed him and it was loaded with lethals as det was also a traitor.

I was Hal Wise, I barely interfere in the fight. I mostly got shot cleaning acid and follow people fighting, but I did not know how started it so I mostly stared. There was a person hitting me but It was to crowded for me to fight back. As robotist I later kill a janitor cyborg that did had some interfering in this fight. I kill it as it refused to state laws.
This report may be true, I may push an obvious antagonist against a wall or a table, I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

maintenance where Ignites chases me and continues attacking me to crit.

forgot to mention that. the maintenance is in front of the box botany and Actias was already crit right one tile below from the maint door. (I think someone used the gun at the moment) I stepped into since it seems safe as they’re neutralised, but I had to slash them a bit (said in prior) to crit them again because medibot was healing them. I would agree with ‘chases me’ if the maintenance was deeper.
but still, even if it was deeper, I would have chased the body to retake. My aim was not to chase the moth who took the body at all.

Was there any security/command?

No it was just ramdon crew fitting, I don’t think there was any security in the round, but there was comand in the round.

There was a CMO, i think there was atleast one other head for command, then security was a Brig Phys and the Detective, there might have been a late join secoff.

weird that this hasn’t been handled, or even assigned, since it’s an admin doing the reporting.

admins worst nightmare style of report, give em a bit I’m sure it’ll get looked at o7

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