Multiple Unknown Ckey player report (AI) (Clown) (Mime)

In-game report: Multiple Unknown Ckey player report (AI) (Clown) (Mime)

CKEY: Blackwolf602

Your Discord: Blackwolf602#7912

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Terabyte (AI) Silent Sentiment (Mime) Hefty Hempo (Clown)

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12/3/21

Round Number: 33793

Rules Broken: R2, Silicon Policy (Terabyte) only

Incident Description: while disguised as the (i’m a traitor) warden me and the traiter qm start a battle in security to complete our objectives, the clown and mime ran over, and a random golem either somehow opened or had the ai open the door (which caused more human harm) causing them to try to valid hunt us when they weren’t even involved in the situation. the battle continues on and the mime either used an id or the ai let them into the armory to get lasers and bolas against us which we are still according to law humans. the ai bolts us into the room blocking perma. i used a emag and the ai closes the blast doors on me while letting the mime gun us down. we managed to escape through a portal which the mime somehow tracked us down in the maints near dorms from sec and began gunning us down which led us to a chase to dorms where the mime and eventually clown came and stomped on us.

Additional Information: overall valid hunting of the three of them, mime specifically the most. and ai breaking laws to help valid hunt

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What Lawset was the AI on? Were any of the three antagonists?

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This 100%.

If the AI is on basically any other lawset besides crewsimov or asimov, “validhunting” rule breaks won’t usually apply to them.

Please cite the line you are referring to.


@TheMaggotGuy change your haircut did you


Apologies, the ai was on Asimov. none of them were antagonists and i was referring to

  • In the process of preventing or stopping human/crew/relevant law sets equivalent harm, you yourself may not inflict any amount of human harm, even if it will prevent greater future human harm.
    (the ai caused harm against me and the qm by trapping us in a room and allowing the mime to shoot at use and crushing me with a blast door)
    i was dragged onto the escape shuttle and the ai was telling them essentially not to revive me cause i caused human harm, which i would consider human harm as through their actions my body would decay or would have been thrown out if the mime had more time as i believe they were trying to get my corpse away from the janitor who was trying to revive me
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  1. I never entered armory
  2. The ai tried to keep us seperate by bolting doors between us (or fake warden was using remote)
  3. I had been told by the warden to get ashlie the qm for a reward of my choosing (basically deputised)
  4. We went in once det was under attack and lost to ashlie and fake warden
  5. The bolas were crafted ones

Im at work so ill post more later i guess

Fake warden was dead and the janitor was dragging them off for some reason instead of letting us stack all the dead in a locker and teleporting em together… we kinda just went fuck it after that and left ashlies dead body in the locker and teleported with brig physses dead body to shuttle.

We were guessing warden was brainwashed as we didint have sec huds to see mindshields, but they turned out to be an imposter on the shuttle. (They did look sus with a gasmask when earlier the wore no mask at all)

Janitor turned out to be brainwashed at the end of the round

I found you by chance as the doors out of sec meeting room were bolted so i went through maint and there you were. The clown showed up after you were both down so they just told me how surprised they were at the situation.

  1. How did you get the laser guns then? unless the warden gave you them (which would also make no sense as you said you were “basically” deputized which implies you weren’t officially made one by the warden and that lethals shouldn’t be handed out to the crew unless a major station wide threat existed.
  2. the ai still caused harm by locking me and qm in a room where you shot us with lasers and the ai crushing me with a blast door? this action allowing you to just keep shooting us with the laser guns you had
  3. unless you and the clown were officially deputized this would still be breaking R2 and R3
  4. again unless officially deputized or you and the clown were directly or indirectly injured or involved you shouldn’t be running into a battles as you were on the outside halls of sec and either had the ai or broke in. you are just a service workers not space marines and we we’re heavily armed and cladded in armor which I go into quoting rule 2
  5. directly from R2
    " Normal crewmembers are not experienced soldiers. You should generally call for help, rather than intervening directly.
  • **This means no [valid-hunting]
  • You should generally attempt to flee from combat or dangerous situations.
  • You can be involved in minor physical altercations between crewmembers that result from roleplay"
  1. so even if you happened to run into us in maints we were still considered a dangerous pair and instead of fleeing or reporting us you solo mime continue to hunt and shoot laser at us before hiding around the corner and popping out to shoot more and continue to pursue us to dorms and stomped our heads in

You contradict yourself.

AI locked you and stopped ongoing harm, no matter if it later caused mime to gun you down, blast door crush could have easily been an accident. You were also already dead, dead bodies cant get any more harmed, you being revived would’ve caused harm to live crew.

  1. There was an energy gun on the ground in sec and i had nabbed ashlies AA card.
  2. Nobody is perfect
  3. No powergaming as i had not even gotten weapons or armour prior to fighting you aside from bolas and a cablecuff.

If i had been powergaming i would have had hulk from genetics and medpills from chem along with armour and a few xenobio crossbreeds. (Had none of these)

Validhunting means im hunting for valids and rushing to fight valids the moment someone yells on the radio “help help valid killing me in x” or simply attacking people who have things that make them valid.

  1. Deputized basically means the highest ranking sec or cap tells you to in some manner enforce the law and do a secoffs job. There is a deputy kit too but its basically useless and there is no standard for deputizing people aslong as they are willing. The armband and the like just let other people know that you are a deputy, but they are not necessary.

I had a mission from the original warden to “get ashlie” so i did. You happenned to out yourself as fake by attacking det. And ashlie had spoken so i knew their id was a fake.

  1. This means if someone yells on the radio “CULT ENGI” or something you dont rush there to kill the valid. But if shit goes down and you are there right next to it you can intervine. Generally is a keyword.

  2. 2 guys without any more guns and in crit or 1 hit away dangerous? No.

  1. Under rule R2 Valid hunting is included under powergaming that’s what I meant.
  2. The AI bolted is in a room to prevent human harm. the blast door crushing might have been an accident but the ai should have removed them when you started shooting us.
  3. There is actually a way to be deputized and its through the warden handing you deputize cards you can apply to your id for basic sec access. stuff like gang wars and cults are more of a militia than deputizing but I’ll concede on this point if he gave you id deputizing card.
  4. I didn’t see this but apparently Ashlie saw you having a TTV which she said she disabled when you entered sec. if this is true did you plan of making maxi caps or did you have one?
  5. I’ll like to say I’m not all seeing or all knowing. this could all be a misunderstanding from not knowing your point of view and I have no malintent towards any of you.
  6. I’ll be responding more later

2.there is a delay
3.not standardized aka you cant be banned because you werent deputized in the exact manner prescribed. If the page was moderated that would be a different story.
4.the ttv was teleported infront of sec so i took off its remote detonator inorder to not get killed by it. Dont remember exactly how it wound up inside sec propably clown or someone else dragged it in. So no didint make it.

No idea who teleported it there or who made it

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But why did you already have cable cuffs and bolas? Is that not powergaming? Why did you nab the AA card and pick up the weapons? Is that also not powergaming?

Why would you “have a mission” to get ashlie as a mime? You’ve done a lot of valid hunting and powergaming in the past, it’s not hard to believe you are doing it again


Nice peanut go read the whole thing then.

  1. Cuff Bola was for getting ashlie
  2. AA card was from ashlie when they were in crit in sec during the fight
  3. it aint powergaming to fight back with what you can pick up around you
  4. Deputized
  5. Havent

Why did you get deputised? why didn’t you decline? What gives you the right to take the AA and not leave it for any other member of command or security?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a round where you aren’t a deputy or out hunting for valids.

In what way is being deputised as a mime (a mute service crewmembers that only exists for entertainment purposes) beneficial to security?

It’s not your job, simple as.
Just play security if you want to power game dude

Actually how did you even become a deputy? I highly doubt the warden went out of his way to find and deputise you, a random mime.
Did you ask to be deputised?
Or did he remember your success in valid hunting from previous rounds?
Either way, a warden really shouldn’t be deputising a mime or clown… that’s literally the two members of the crew he shouldn’t…

What was your justification for heading into danger or signing up to be a deputy? Apart from having nothing to do with your job, why would you rush into danger for little to no reason?

Didn’t you hack into sec for the bounty on ashlie’s head? Your reason being “warden will give me anything for their head” were you even officially deputised?

(I keep making edits to reduce the clutter on the thread btw)

  1. Warden did come find me and clown just to deputize us to get ashlie

  2. Im not gonna leave in the middle of a fight to run to sci to give rd aa or hop if they werent afk in deparures aa.

  3. Sec were pretty nonexistant at that point

  4. I dont decline deputization as a rule of thumb unless i have a reason to such as doing art (had allready painted a piece that round and showed it off to a few people)

  5. Dont ask me why warden did it and they can deputize anyone who does not decline and no i did not seek out being deputized. I had previosly been doing a skit with clown spontaniosly and dueled them in holodeck a bit too.

  6. Why go in? Deputized and had been promised anything i wanted for ashlie.

And this here, proves my point, you did it for loot and killing the valids as usual.

Keeping your life is a pretty good reason for declining being deputised, you aren’t an experienced soldier, you are a MUTE crewmember who provides entertainment for the crew.

I’m sick of seeing validhunting mimes who just meme around, write shit on paper instead of actually acting it out. Play a clown if you want to do that shit

Are you a pacifist?
Being deputized =/= Dying.
This is not a topic to salt about how every other mime but you sucks.

Also generally is still a keyword in the rules.

No? I just like playing by the rules? And I know, i was just adding more info.
Such as you are known for doing shit like this as a mime, and usually end up getting away with it or staying within the rules while admins are online

I play by the rules…
And there are very few admins on during the UTC +2 hours but they are there and can be called at a moments notice from discord if need be.

I am known for being robust as a tot and robust without even having any gear on me…
Havent even been deputized more than once in weeks.

Mime was given permission and reward by warden to hunt, pretty good IC reason to agree with him, at the very least he could’ve gotten expanded access from warden which is always nice. for your other questions you’d answer them yourself if you read the entire post. Heepox is just repeating what he already said up until now.

I understand that, but having past experiences with the dude, I know what he’s like.

Having “Permission” still shouldn’t justify running into danger, validhunting and powergaming. He shouldn’t have experience as a one man killing machine.

Give me one good role play reason other than “Hurr Durr hunt valid get epic loot”