Multiple players report

In-game report:

CKEY: hellomate

Your Discord: llllllllllla#3350

Offender’s CKEY: unknown (multiple)

Offender’s In-Game Name: Aaron, Aurora, Beth, Mol-ly, Mai (i believe they were the CMO?), Botanist, multiple medical staff and more (couldn’t quite get everyone’s names).

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 19/03/2022

Round Number: ID is 36786

Rules Broken: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9. Almost all of them, nice!

Incident Description:
This was an extremely chaotic round, and i would completely understand if you were unable to log dive, or confirm what i’ve said.
I was playing as the warden.
It all starts with the CMO adopting a headspider.
The headspider gets arrested by security, so the CMO decides to start rioting over this.
When i say rioting, i mean RIOTING. Brig’s walls were being destroyed with thermite, prisoners were being let loose, and officers were being assaulted with weapons.
Crazy stuff that you would only expect to see on revs rounds.
This was the first riot, and it’s almost impossible for me to specify who exactly partecipated (close to 10-12 people i’d say), but things slowly died down.
Until a second mutiny happened, and it’s unclear to me how it all devolved again into chaos. Hos dies to this second mutiy (mostly made of non antagonist personnel) and possibly other people.

Additional Information:
This whole round was a trainwreck. From powergaming botanists with bs bananas and death nettles, to crewmembers just shoving security and breaking into places all during a 1 hour and 44 minutes round.

I did ahelp in game, but no admin was on, but i did not ping on the discord. Please tell me if in cases similar to these it’s better to notify you on discord.

Then we all wonder why few people like to play captain and security, but the whole atmosphere around these jobs is so toxic.
Even just the people calling you shitsec and shoving you for arresting someone that has committed a crime contribute to this toxic enviroement.

This was my first report, please tell me if i should have written things differently.

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For the record, I was NOT the CMO that round. And this does not really bring in the context that security did:
CMO did have medbay protest for a worker named “Dave,” and IC most of us aren’t SUPPOSED to know what lings even really are.
We were told that he was just one of us.
CMO lead a protest in security, and allegedly security TOLD them that they would hand over “Dave.”
So they let the crew into brig. Only to flashbang them and arrested ALL of them without ANY warnings, commands, or communication.
Then proceeded to leave SEVERAL crewmembers WITHOUT ANY sentence time.
After that, the whole station became chaos. Security ran around shooting random people ON SIGHT. For seemingly no reason other than “inciting riots(???)”
And people who literally just protested and shouted about sec abuse were demoted and/or shot with full on lethals.
I was personally almost BLINDED by a sec officer for…the crime of standing at the entrance of sec. When things were dying down.
Hell, I even cooperated with HOS when he saw me INSIDE the brig. I walked myself out.
Overall, I really feel like you CAN’T blame JUST “crew” for what went down. It was a shit show all over. Security and command tried absolutely no de-escalation. Just went full lethals on and stun batonning random crew, claiming they were rioting when only a few really were doing that (which, by the way, from what I saw, were MOSTLY antags!).
HOP called for a mutiny because captain literally just went on a demoting spree. The whole station was in utter chaos, and HOP tried everything from what I saw prior to calling for mutiny. (I was told after the game that she even called CC for an inspection. But, of course, admins were not on, so no CC inspection).
Again. Soo many factors happened to make this round chaotic and all around bad. A lot of possibly good rp moments were kinda ruined from people just opening fire and going straight to mechanics.


You should ping adminhelp on discord when you need an admin to come on. If you aren’t sure about whether or not the situation warrants a ping, ask yourself these questions:

  • Did you make a ticket?
  • Did you wait at least 5 minutes for an admin to respond?
  • Is it urgent?

Is you answered no to any of these, it’s probably better not to ping staff.
No one is going to punish you as long as you act in good faith though.

Okay, so a lot to breakdown here from a bystander’s perspective.

  1. Botanists had BS bananas and Death Nettle because they were cargo bounties that I had them do, not making them for the sake of power gaming.

  2. At one point, you led multiple people towards perma under the false pretense that you would peacefully free Dave out of prison. You then had a security officer and HoS flashbang this crowd of people, who weren’t fighting you or able to enter without permission, so that you could all silently beat them and imprison them. No verbal warnings to this crowd.

  3. As for the medical team itself, it was so irresponsible of HoS and Captain to decide to demote over half of medical during a deadly virus outbreak, even demoting the only chemist working on it the moment they were in the middle of creating the cure.

  4. Captain may have recalled shuttle after HoP held a shuttle call vote and it apparently passed. I don’t know, let the logs say.

  5. Even HoP didn’t have confidence in the Captain or all of SEC. The actions of Captain Marilyn and SEC that round were so enormously impactful to the gameplay of everyone else negatively. Very few people were having fun.

  6. What’s a ling? How do you know what a ling is in rp? Why did everyone in SEC jump on knowing what a ling was?

That’s my two cents, take it as you will.


Righty, hi. Captain here.

Let’s just go thru this.

This is not an excuse to self antag. I think me saying its a man eating monster is explanation enough. IC you’re supposed to trust the captain’s word.

I don’t know if this is true. You still should not have walked into brig, but eh.

Because there were so many people they literally didn’t have time to? I’d love to see you handle this differently without using lethals.

Yes. Not with lethals but yes. You calling for security to be overthrown and lying about what happened in security could definitely be classed as inciting a riot. I also don’t appreciate you starting to break character that heavily after you got demoted.

Because I’m allowed to demote people for doing crimes. Demotion was fully in order after they stormed brig, some of them constantly talking shit and inciting further revolt.

The chemist (Aaron) was in fact, not making the cure. He was making grenades to bomb us after I took his old ones away. The person who made the cure was the geneticist.

About the hop thing - I genuinely didn’t see this “vote”. After I told her off for calling the shuttle without consulting me she decided that was reason worthy enough to mutiny over. Gave herself AA and all that jazz.

To add; I don’t think lynchmobbing the hos was justified. I’m not sure who exactly was involved but that was extremely stinky. This should’ve never gotten out of hand over a changeling, but you kept deciding to escalate it. Talking shit and calling for a riot over comms is not going to go without consequences.


yeaah im just gonna reply to this with this:
“by the way, sec officer literally said paraphrased “when is it not a bad idea to blind moffs”
If it’s bad rp for my character, a moth, to protest sec abuse WHEN THEY WERE LITERALLY GETTING ABUSED BY SECURITY, I do not know what to tell you.
I was literally almost blinded for what was equivalently “funsies.” THAT is true bad rp, in my honest opinion.”

maybe dont defend sec officers that flash people until they’re blind for funsies and for “not leaving the hallway to security fast enough.”

Ivan…All the way up to the point you arrested me, I literally did honestly only say “SEC ABUSE.” “SEC ABUSE.”
That is 100% in character.
I did NOT call for a storm to sec. ONLY the CMO did that, frankly.
I even IC tried telling you that while you were demoting me. And I started cooperating, didn’t even bother struggling when you first batoned me (I did have a moment to just escape, but I had faith you’d listen to me).
I’m sorry if you confused me for someone else, but literally all I did that round was shout “sec abuse” after getting flashed 3 times and trying to stop a sec from shooting down who I assumed was just a normal crewmember. You know, after JUST getting abused by a sec officer moments before.
I don’t really wanna argue about this. The round was a shitshow for more than one reason, and I don’t have any contempt for you or what happened. But I want to make it clear: I didn’t lead ANY “storming.”

Hello, while i wasn’y part of the first or second riot i was one of the first people alongside Miriam to interact with the Headspider that led to this shitshow, let me describe what lead to the riot to give some context

I spot a Headspider smashing a morgue trail, trying to break it open, i come in pull out my laser scalpel and alongside Miriam we corner it in the room next to Morgue while he’s one hit away from dying

At first, the headspider (Fitz Shollz II) instantly says STOP! And then went on shouting stuff like “fucking validhunters, fucking shitsec” (he was pissed for the event that led to him to headaspider i believe) and since we had it cornered at our mercy i thought “well let’s see how this plays out” and we decide to play dumb, at the moment the crew were also dealing with a Xeno that died on Pretorian stage so we started to chitchat with him querying about his origin or if he was a Xenomorph, on one moment CMO (Mo-lly) comes in and first ignore us and touches some plumbing machine, eventually we get her attention and we start asking if she thinks this is a Xeno or if this thing is safe(at this point we were all roleplaying, Fitz calmed himself and we were creating a RP situation) eventually we all agree that he should be a medbay member because… we’re not racist against any species and we could always get a new hand to help(in between the chitchat a sec officer came through the area and just kept walking, i believe he either didn’t see the headspider, ignored on purpose or it was a new sec player)

Eventually Fitz convinced the CMO to get a body so he could properly helps, he gets one, bites it, reforms and we give him some cloths, now, the rest of medbay were also playing along being curious about the strange headspider and chitchatted a bit

I ended up having to heal someone and was busy but i heard when an officer came in on medbay, started shooting disablers and arrested him, at this point i kept doing my thing but i can corroborate the situation from what i heaed on radio:

Obviously Fitz was yelling for help once he was in brig and then put to Perma and once CMO finished what they were doing she called for medbay personnel to go rescue our co-worker “Dave” (for some reason, everyone started calling Fitz Dave no clue where did it came from)

And from what i heard, a protest was set up on brig which led to the incidents that the other players will probably explain, i know that at one point Fitz died near perma but it took a while for the protesters to notice about “Dave” fate

What i can guarantee it happened is Medbay playing along with the idea that we didn’t know it was a changeling and for us he was just a silly little creature, that grew a body, got recruited on Medbay and got arrested “for no reason”

This led to the riot, to security acting the way they did, Captain demoted CMO for “hiring a ling”, demoting HoP for calling a 2nd/3rd riot and shuttle “for no reason”(which i do agree)

It was a mess all over the place, a lot of players acted in good faith, trying to roleplay with the knowledge their characters had while others played straight into metagaming and just wanted to valid hunt

There was a lack of talk in between the heads to explain the situation properly and i felt was like more “shut up, he valid and u idiot, now u demoted, oh no riot too aa”

Honestly didn’t expect this to get as chaotic as it got but i believe CMO acted IC, while a the thermite chemist (that also killed HoS) went a little overboard and went on the self antag territory, most of medical staff were attacked for being bystanders and protesting on “Dave” arrest and later CMO demotion at the end a lot of people got demoted but besides the ling and HoS getting killed there were… pretty much a lot of IC involvement, just a few rotten apples that made everything worse

(And i think other lings decided to act causing even more chaos"

That’s all i have to add about this, i’ll post a screenshot on the screenshot thread in a bit

But for real… who the fuck is Dave?


(And i think other lings decided to act causing even more chaos"

Can confirm, I was a ling who was trying to take advantage of the chaos and got ganked hard for it. Which was entirely fair treatment, I was actively attacking sec and my addendum to the report has nothing to do with that.

I wasn’t directly involved with the situation other than that so I’m not 100% certain of events outside of stuff I was told afterwards. But I will give my perspective as I had personally seen it as a player/ghost, though you’re welcome to take it with a grain of salt due to potential bias of literally being an antag on this round.

CMO / Medical staff found a ling (not me, ftr) and were trying to roleplay with them as a new recruit, but security, instead of engaging with medical / trying to negotiate at all, started getting on med staff because Valid Person Alive Not Dead. (I do not know what happened with the headspider before any sort of interaction with medical staff, from what Fronsis states it seems like there was more to it beforehand that I was unaware of.) CMO / medical were legitimately trying to RP, but security refused to engage in any way other than directly engaging with mechanics. The only people who were doing anything more than a peaceful protest were, as far as I could tell, legitimate antagonists who were trying to take advantage of the situation, but security decided to take it as initiative to arrest pretty much the entirety of medical staff and the captain demoted them all. From what I’m aware, after these arrests, the only staff on medical that existed were a single geneticist, a single medical doctor, and two virologists.

I never once personally saw a non-antag crew member attack a security member with the major exception of HoS, and I never once saw brig’s walls get thermite poured on them, but of course that’s all anecdotal and I could have just missed this.

I feel like things wouldn’t have been as chaotic if there were no admins ingame at all, as multiple people were ahelping and trying to get some sort of admin intervention, to the point where even the HoP was trying to call for a CentCom inspector in character as she didn’t believe the Captain was doing a good job due to the security’s and her own conduct causing a riot. She only called for a mutiny after there was no response, and even then got shut down by the captain basically immediately.

I don’t believe the rioters were in the right for killing the HoS out of nowhere (granted I’m pretty sure it literally was just one assistant with a toolbox and a dream, and everyone else was merely watching), and I don’t think the station should have spiraled into as much chaos as it did, but this all happened after the en masse arrests and demotions. Security and captain went too far on punishing the protestors who were up to that point mostly just trying to roleplay from what I could tell, then took them getting angry and aggressive towards sec for being treated poorly as if the ends justified the means. Obviously they shouldn’t have been violent to begin with, but from what I could tell, it only seemed to occur after the mistreatment.

But of course, I didn’t catch every little thing that happened on the station, so I could have missed some things that occurred within medical or security during all that, but that’s how I saw events at least. I understand that its a high stress situation for security and command, but the way it was handled (demoting over 3/4 medical staff) seemed too harsh for what actually happened, and an already chaotic situation spiraled out of hand from that point onwards.


From what i saw and heard the one who killed the HoS was the chemist (presumably the one who also thermit’d the walls)

Attached here is the only picture i managed to get, this was a little bit after ‘’’‘Dave’’’ was already executed showing the two walls that were affected by the thermite and in that moment CMO was being demoted

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That happened towards the end of the second rioting spree.
You were wearing security gear, gas masks and people who murdered the HoS were with you. Yes, i triched you. Why? You ran at me in at least 6 in number, half of you wielding death nettles or stun batons.
Tell me how this isn’t self antagging.

Sure, i can believe that. Any reason you can justify using these agaist sec? To harm sec?

We are supposed to know, and you are supposed to let us do our job without melting the brig’s walls.

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This picture is when things started dieing down. At that point you had already broken into the brig and came inside all the way to perma. I remember because thats after we had to force you all out and put those barriers in place.

We had no way of knowing who actually thermited the walls.

I would like to know when this exactly happened, since Fitz had already been sentenced first to 13 minutes of jail time, then to perma. Then again to jail a third time, but i am unsure of when exactly happened. Every time we jailed them they escaped, until we killed them.

The CMO also did not try to talk to us, i believe the first time they came into the brig was with the rioters, letting random prisoners loose. Not the best look.

If they even did come in before, they didn’t speak a single word to me.

And how this justifies people killing a head of staff and scream “lynch the captain!!” Is beyond me

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Head of department actively working against security and inciting riots
People escalating the whole 5 steps to using lethal shit against security because their friends got jailed for a few minutes
Most of medbay participate in this shitshow instead of doing medbay things like focusing to cure the virus
HOP snaps and decides to go apeshit with AA for "reasons*

People got command and job perma banned for much less.

Like seriously how do you lead people to riot and murder as a head department?
What about attempting to de-escalate?


I was the geneticist and here’s my side on this wreck of a round.

Like Morgan said, we saw a headspider trying to break into the morgue and we attacked them (comms were off so we were unable to call sec) only to have them beg to be spared and we decided to RP along, talking about him being a xenomorph as command told us to watch out for them and the ling told us their real identity which was Fitz, a secoff walked in and ignored the headspider for whatever reason and CMO also walked in and ignored the situation until we got their attention, who then decided to hire the headspider.

After the ling got a body with CMO’s help and dressed, sec came up and arrested him, when questioned sec just said they were a “tot” which led CMO (who for some reason wouldn’t stop calling him dave) to tell medical to protest at brig. When they said that i was expecting a peaceful protest outside brig and… not a riot. People who knew better (which was most of people) just watched the riot outside brig.


Most of the protestors were acting within the rules of the server, i agree.
But some bad actors (eg: Aaron who helped kill the HoS and wore his ID just to storm my -warden- office with full sec and deadly botany gear along with the green moth player whose name i cannot remember) definetly poisoned the atmosphere.
I reallly have no idea what happened with the HoP, i barely interacted with them.

EDIT: what i mean is that sure, protesting is fine. But we can’t allow this kind of escalation of violence. killing the HoS over jailing a changeling who had broken the law is not fine. especially if you break the brig and let loose other prisoners in the meanwhile.
and doing all these things will definetly not make security any less lenient.
if you scream shitsec and stunlock-shove officers you should expect to get in jail for assault.


two of our officers were newbies, i believe. one of them asked me how to set the jail timer and seemed unfamiliar with proper procedures and controls in general. we tried to teach them how to play security, but all the chaos made me unable to properly supervise their behaviour.
mostly because we had to deal with xenos and other changelings.

By “you” you’re not insinuating me, right? I’m just gonna assume you meant the crowd because ic I didn’t have any weapons or gear (pacifist quirk player).

i have no idea, honestly. who were you playing as? were you the one guy wearing all green? there were so many people that it’s hard to remember exactly all the names.

I only play Cordswitch Bos on bee, the cargo tech in the witch outfit.

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