Multiple Player Report by Leshens

In-game report:

CKEY: leshens

Your Discord: Leshen

Offender’s CKEY: unknows

Offender’s In-Game Name:
Engineering Cyborg-148
Medical Cyborg-555

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):2023.01.10

Round Number: 42195

Rules Broken: 3 Do Your Job, Folowing AI orders as cyborgs

Incident Description:
AI was malf and started turning people into cyborgs, after some shenanigan’s peace deal happened and AI ordered cyborgs to stand down and stop turning people to cyborgs.
Those possibly those cyborgs kept turning people and by that not following AI orders even after numerous repeating of order by AI.

Additional Information:


That’s Silicon Policy

So, it’s 1 and 14, right?

Murderboning and failing to roleplay.

Just dropping off:
I asked to stop converting on 18 cyborgs.
The round ended at 26.

AI tells the borgs to stop converting @ 20:44:00

wiffle - Bishop converted +2 after

Rhomer- Engi-Borg 148 converted +4 after

NoHomoBro - Bru.H is not clear and converted +3 after

Roxxtar. - Engi-borg 797 converted +1

NotEbe96 - Standard Cyborg-111 is not clear and converted +1

A good number of those converted got destroyed or changed back, resulting in 26 total at round end rather than 29/30 odd.

Report Processed