[Multiple Offenders on Sage and general Community critique] Player Report

In-game report:

   Title: [Multiple Offenders on Sage and general Community critique] Player Report
   CKEY: Richtofen

   Your Discord:Nobelissimos

   Offender’s CKEY: Don't know

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Jasmine Falcon (Captain), Trent Mildred (Janitor), BOI-420 (Doctor), Sammy (Curator), Squessica Quinn (Warden).

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY):12-27-2019

   Round Number:10727

   Rules Broken: 3 & 4

   Incident Description: Randomly attacking and killing people, incredibly incompetent or uncaring use of their Jobs, ignoring space law, generally doing LRP-tier meme behavior. And general complaint about the server's population.

   Additional Information:Not sure if the later half is really appropriate in a report, might just paste it over to another discussion and see what people think. This is going to be somewhat long.

I have never, ever, once reported anyone for anything on SS13 in all my years, and I rarely adminhelp either. But I am doing it now because I want this server to be better, and I don’t think having this overall behavior on the server will lead to anything but having the server just be a second LRP server, because that is what it essentially is in it’s current state.

First incident is the Captain randomly flashing me, and beating me up with a lethal weapon, no attempt to arrest or speak any words. Ran off before I hit crit so not a huge deal, small incident, not something I would report on it’s own, though im sure this would land a ban on every HRP server if you werent buddies with the admins.

Real problem is that this player is not properly playing as non-antag captain. Ignoring space law, their duties, and generally just murdering people/beating them down to near death without much thought or reason. Greytider captain may be perfectly fine on LRP but this is supposed to be MRP, there should be more of a standard, less memey attitude.

The real meat and potatoes is about this series of events, lets enjoy this little story.

Im an assistant, in the library dismantling some tables for wood. Janitor comes along and table memes me, trying to do serious damage to me, no words spoken, no “why are you dismantling the tables” or anything of the like. Continues to table spam, then slips me with soap, and starts beating me very badly. I ask for security help, manage to get back up and fight back a little. He backs off to get the curator in another room, assumingly tells them I was trying to kill them, despite my calls for help over the radio. I manage to make a bat to defend myself from the wood I was gathering before.

Curator and Janitor come along a few seconds later, and another soap slip lands me in hurtville as they wail on me into crit. Warden and captain both walk by at some point and ignore the situation, but later aid the janitor.

Doctor arrives, im on the verge of death. He cuffs me, brings me to a cryotube, then searches me. Warden shows up, he tells the warden to arrest me, says I tried to murder two people and I had a multitool in my backpack, which he does without any questions and brings me to the brig for processing. He fills me with drugs to knock me out before dragging me there, I go into crit from internal injuries and I end up dead in the brig.

Doctor clones me, cuffs me, and brings me back to the brig again. I asked questions like, why am I being arrested? I try once again to explain the situation as I tried earlier before they knocked me out with drugs. Warden comes along and decides to consider my pleas for justice and brings the janitor and I into interrogation.

Janitor takes his cuffs off (he wasnt seated, or searched) and runs around as the warden fails to knock him down again, gets slipped, the ai opens the door for the janitor to run out, and a few moments later the warden follows and shoots him dead.

Warden declares, given the circumstances, im innocent and free to go.

Now, you may assume that the janitor is an antag of some kind and im a target of some sort or just an obstacle, or part of some grand plan. Perhaps the warden is working with him, maybe the curator or they were just clueless and got involved. The doctor seemed a little suspect as well. How exciting!

Except, none of these players were an antag of any kind. The warden was just bad at his job. The doctor was just doing things outside of his job, acting like a wannabe shitcurity. The curator was bamboozled easily (and seemed pretty disappointed later when I mentioned I was free over the radio, so much so that they announced that they were leaving and suicided or cryoed and quit), and the Janitor was just self-antaging and being a nuisance along with the Captain.

I think this is both an issue with people thinking this server is just LRP number 2, where they go when they dont get antag on the other server or die, and an issue with people being new/inexperienced/bad at the game.

The warden didn’t know what he was doing, should not have been a warden. Doctor was making too many assumptions and doing things he really shouldnt be doing. The Captain was just greytiding pretty much.

Speaking of the captain, he later shows up when I called for help in Cargo, where a traitor was shooting me full of holes for whatever reason. Literally blew my arm off. Traitor keeps shooting me even when the captain shows up, then puts his gun away, says I shot him for no reason, and captain says alright, and shoots me dead, and runs off.

Despite me missing an arm, dying on the floor, full of bullet holes.

I think this server as a whole has a huge issue with people not caring and acting like its just another LRP server. This behavior and meme attitude might be fun and funny on LRP where you expect it, but it should’nt be on an MRP server. I know the admins have been attempting to grow this server and make it MRP but after months, this server is no better than when it first went up, it’s still LRP number 2.

I see people using “net speak” consistently. I see people being VERY gamey, like you would on LRP, calling out antags by their name the moment you suspect it, such as seeing anything that a traitor might be able to have even if its not recognizable or dangerous looking. Someone punches someone, they immediately search the guy and declare him to be a traitor and blow his head off. That’s not fun that isn’t RP. A guy stunned me and kidnapped me, personally I let him, didn’t bother calling for help, but a lowrp small brain players pretending they are sec comes running by, shoots the guy down, searches him and announces “got a contractor here sec” like were playing counter strike and calling out enemy positions. It’s not entertaining in the least, it’s CRINGE.

I see people saying “we got devils” and I insist on being clueless as some lowly station worker, because how would I know what the hell they’re talking about? They see the smallest evidence of their existence and insist on alerting the whole station to what antags around and how we should all gear up and kill them. This just means nobody will make interesting or fun rounds, they will just deathmatch and meme like on LRP. People cry about antags who kill most of the station, but it’s entirely their fault that they do, because they have made that the only real option with how they play.

RP is minimal to zero. You might get a random buckshot to the head slightly less frequently on this server compared to LRP (infact I was randomly murdered in that exact same way by the captain in a round yesterday, for shoving an antag that hit me with a lightning bolt and stole something from me) but that’s still not MRP.

Something needs to be done to foster a better culture on this server, to make it actually MRP. Because not only do the rules constantly get broken every single round by most of the players, but the entire idea of MRP is thrown out the window. I want to actually see this server succeed.


Seems like it’s mostly on the captain, janitor, and doctor (though the warden and curator made quite a few mistakes, like literally gunning the down janitor or assisting in a murder with minimal info) to me.

Captain sounds like a shitler in every way, lets be honest. He shouldn’t be lwtting randoms get gunned down, or beating them randomly.

Janitor sounds like he’s self antaging for literally wordlessly beating some one unprovoked to me.

“Warden, he has a multi tool, arrest him nao.” Doctor is a nerd, nuff said. Also, he sucks at his job if you bled to death. Actually, he definitely sucks if he used a cryopod. Again, he’s acting with way too little info. Hearsay isn’t evidence, and he can’t arrest you on hearsay.

Warden went wrong ignoring you being beaten into crit. He did go right with the interrogation though, though he majorally failed to keep him cuffed. He should have used a disabler.

Curator was a bit wrong for acting with minimal info, but I don’t think they did anything super terrible.

Not an admeme, but that’s what I got from this.

Last time I’ve seen Jasmine Falcon they were playing HoP and partnered up with Cargo to order a bunch of weapons.

Without security approval.

I, being the good janitor that I am, cleaned up those dangerous objects on the floor.

And they shot me.

As non-antag.


Genuinely, command roles should require whitelisting for both servers. The quality of rounds would soar if we had actually competent heads of staff, or none as its better than a shitter.
Also MRPs admins are usually not responsive and LRPers will ahelp first. Considering this, it’s usually better to deal with shitters yourself. Criting them puts them in their place quite easily.


I think people who take important roles and command roles should be expected to meet some level of skill and competence. That’s sort of an unwritten rule across ss13 and often a literal written rule on some servers. I don’t know about implementing a whitelist, personally I hate whitelists in most circumstances. Needing to play a number of total hours in a department before being able to play the head of it is a good idea, and I think the current way things are unless im mistaken. Just have some stronger standards for these players, and punishments for not meeting them.

Also, I ended up beating that doctor to death. I forgot to mention, when he cloned me, he didn’t bother to put any clothes on me and just dragged me entirely naked to the brig. The Warden eventually gave me some clothes to put on, but the entirety of the station had already seen me in the nude, how embarrassing! Entirely unprofessional for a doctor to do that to his patient!

When I got released I asked where my stuff was, he said he would get them, then said he didnt know, then seemed to have given up on getting them so I punched him to death as both revenge, and so I could look around for my stuff with his ID and not have him cause me more problems. Never found them.

I probably shouldn’t have killed him, I felt a little bad, but considering how it was the wild wild west without any admins online for that 3+ hour long round, I think it was justified.


“After suffering cryo-trauma from being healed in a cryocell for too long, I began hallucinating and saw the doctor as an evil alien brain sucker, here to steal my cattle and ERP my wife. I applied toolbox until horizontal.”

Can this thread get an actual admin to handle it?
Don’t be too shocked if your thread goes un-handled, there are many player reports that do not get handled.

I’ll take it since I’ve already posted.

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this is true on sooo many levels. But the only times i see this happening is when there is more than 20 players on MRP
If there is, it turns from MRP to LRP real quick

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This ever get looked into? Almost forgot about it, but Sage still needs some love.

No I dont think so