Multiple (I'm sorry) unknown CKEYs player report

CKEY: DatFrostys

Your Discord: Frost#4100

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Unknown

Server (Sage or Acacia): sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 03/21/2023

Round Number: 43220

Rules Broken: 1. 2.

Incident Description: Pretty heated round where I TC (+ other things) traded a mysterious arrow. Gave some of my church members (2) an arrowpara. Fast forward to the end of the round almost in the shuttle. We survived a blob and I just killed the captain. I am deemed “KoS”. I now have my own arrowpara. It is requiem. Out of nowhere, comes a roboticist in a durand trying to kill me. Shooting Axel Hawker and a Curator on the way. after getting disposed off, I go on the shuttle, bridge “safe” part.
Once the shuttle has launched, I decide to do a last fight against the security currently on bridge. While I get KO’d but effectively neutralize the threat in there, a whole mob enters the room, flooding me and my holoparasite with attacks. I died painfully.

Additional Information: I wanna specify that those people weren’t security and I didn’t attack innocent people unless attacked. We had engineers and other guys straight up coming with the weapons they had for the blob to kill me (weapons they were supposed to drop per Captain’s orders).

I’m sorry, I know that multi ckey reports aren’t good at all for you guys but I have no effective ways of knowing who jumped me.

I have started looking into this, and you reported two separate incidents.
The first being the roboticist in a durand supposedly validhunting.
The second being the mob attacking you in the shuttle bridge.

I will look into the roboticist, but please make another report for the mob if you want this to be looked into, you didn’t even provide IC names, so this is likely to take more time than needed.

From what I managed to (painfully) gather, it looks like you were attacked by a durand named L.O.V.E machine 2.0 in departures, piloted by Morgan Strange (fronsis).

Morgan Strange was a security officer that round, and you seemed to have been very loud with your requiem holopara.

Mar 20, 2023 @ 19:29:09.638
\ Morgan Strange \ Security Officer \ NONE \ LATEJOIN

Report rejected

I have highlighted the information you should have provided in the initial report which would have saved a lot of time on the investigation and prevented me from having to resort to deduction.

I won’t lie, this one came close to being dropped off given how lost I was in the logs.