Multiple assistant report

In-game report:

CKEY: Xeapor

Offender’s CKEY: Multiple

Offender’s In-Game Name: Feeds-the-Bugs, Seo Cheon-Wook and Kaylie Petrova

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 04/21/22

Round Number: 37578

Rules Broken: R2, R7, R9

Incident Description: These three stacked up (cringe) and hunted a crewmember named Ella Aese all round. They acquired multiple tools, an RCD and fought against sec when they came to stop them from harassing. One even picked up a laser gun and used lethals. When shuttle arrived all three ganged up on her and stunlocked her. I had to bring her into cockpit in order to survive, while they attacked sec members outside, with sec gear.

Additional Information: Very cringe, walking around calling themselves the “lizard stack” and harassing a crewmember all shift. I also suspect this is a metagang situation, as previous rounds Feeds hung around with Seo, and self antagged then as well.


I’ve noticed in other rounds LRP behavior in general from Seo Cheon-Wook, my only two cents for this report


Damn, beat me to the report. Secoffs Vincent here, it was absolute hell dealing with them, and was honestly surprised when not even one of them were antag at roundend.

It is true that there were reports of someone getting taken into maints by an assistant since near 20 minutes into the round, however sec as a whole needed to stop that investigation to deal with the actual traitor holo-para’ing into AI sat, wounding me and critting the HoS. After getting patched in med, I fix power (badly borged solars since only engi was holopara) and return to my post in Science, leaving my post to find a commotion of my other secoffs, the detective, the HoS, the captain, and a bunch of non-sec trying to subdue these three infront of brig. It took a while, but finally flashed Seo Cheon-Wook and brought them to sec (they were resting to make it as difficult as possible). After asking what the fuck they did for 5 minutes, I end up settling for a disturbing the peace charge on Seo based on what I saw from leaving, almost done with brig procedure when Kaylie Petrova picked up a hybrid gun and started lethal’ing the brig hallway. Feeds-The-Bugs also escapes cuffed into the north security break area, and after an embarrasingly long 5-7 minutes CMO finally gets them cuffed and I brig Feeds for a full 5 minutes “Disturbing the peace” (I did a rookie mistake of not stripping backpack, they had the baton I lost stashed in it). Then swarmers and ninja arrived all at once, ninja dead’s me, I try to ahelp but was revived (mistake of the evening), get to the shuttle with shottie and some lasers with my buddy Fernando.
On shuttle, detective also laments that they made him loose his pepperspray.

Edit: They were also breaking the brig glass to free Kaylie if I was not mistaken, causing a lockdown to be engaged.


I was the warden that had to cryo early because IRL stuff and i can confirm that Feeds, Seo Cheon-Wook and Kaylie harassed Ella through the round(before i cryo’d) she had to seek refuge on sec and even changed her hair and some other stuff with the help of Beth because they wanted to force her into take part of the ‘‘stack’’ which ofc she didn’t want, i had to cryo a little bit after but one of the last thing i did was help a sec officer confiscate a Protokinetic Crusher they were carrying around.

I can also confirm that in the round before Feeds and Kaylie did a bunch of LRP stuff that even went as far as getting Feeds executed for their shittery (they were in perma gulag, they blew it up and escaped) I can also add that all i’ve seen in regards to these three players is pure LRP and powergaming, reminds me of an average Golden player


During the brig fiasco, I would like to stress that either warden, HoS, Captain, or other secoffs were carrying a hybrid gun set to stun, somehow drop and got it taken, and Kaylie specifically set the gun to lethal mode before firing. Good thing the gun was almost dead.


I’d like to just butt in as Ella Aese that I wasn’t feeling abused in any way or form, I’d also like to apologize cause I believe I might’ve roleplayed a lil’ bit too hard and would just like to clarify that if I had felt harassed I would’ve contacted an admin.

Contrary, I thought it was honestly really fun and I enjoyed the hunt and the inclusion of other players in the fiasco. I don’t hold any grudges toward any of the players that have been listed today.


Fair enough, I thought they were legitimately harassing you.

The other points of my report still stand however

This is broadly accurate, although there’s a little more to it (I’m writing my own thread about Feeds and Kaylie in the two rounds prior to this). However, this happend in the round before the previous - 37576 not 37577. Kaylie was playing a mime in the previous round and these two players did metagame to break each other out of the brig multiple times that round too, with neither being an antag.


Yes, that’s the one i was refering too, thanks for giving the round ID, but yes it’s the one where the mime stole a Gygax and broke sec stuff alongside Kaylie encouraging the mime and getting in the way of sec interrumpting arrests, shoving and stealing batons on that same round Feeds was on their own with the self antag of exploding perma gulag and getting back to station


Just wanted to add, every round I have seen Feeds-the-Bugs on, he has been wanted by security for being a shitter.

I have never seen a round go by where he is not wanted by security.

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I have, every single time Kaylie Petrova rolls hos! And only those rounds! Coincidence I’m sure!


Looks like Feeds has just been banned for LRP and self antag due to another player report.

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Kaylie Petrova is a known shitter to me and she is basically a troll as HOS. Pain in the fucking ass, constant LRP, even meta breaks at times.

I would report her but like…its multiple rounds worth of shit and i dont even remember the Round IDs.


Same here, I have never had a positive experience with Kaylie, but the rounds are too numerous I can’t report them


After further dealing with them as sec days later, they are indeed shitters. Not sure if they’re really gonna stop acting like that anytime soon

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Just played another round with Feeds, was giving out bows to assistants and calling for grey tide revolution or something.

Seo Cheon-Wook was in that round as a sec officer, but they were decent

I haven’t seen Kaylie in a while

Provide a round ID and a description here or another report please

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I already filed it. Won’t let me include the link in my post, for some reason.


Ayo this making me nervous


DM me and I’ll post it.

18 day moment. Will the staff deal with it? Who knows!