Multiple admin report on round 26545

In-game misconduct:

Title: [Multiple admins] Admin Report

CKEY: Mat05usz

Your Discord: Mat05usz#8583

Offender’s CKEY: multiple admins, but I think mostly Francinum and Bloons

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): not relevant

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01.29.2021

Round Number: 26545

Rules Broken (if relevant): not relevant

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): Ignoring tickets

Incident Description:
So basically someone BoH bombed like 3/4 of sci (I believe there were multiple BoH bombs) on a confirmed greenshift and I ahelped it. I think Franc was online then but left soon after so yeah, regular Bee with no admins. Then when shuttle arrived I noticed there are more admins, Franc came in again after a ping on discord saying “I’ll let my sticks burn just to ban this guy for you”, yeah sorry admin. So I thought they’ll resolve it, but given so much of the station was gone and there was no round delay I asked admins on msay if they forgot to delay the round to handle tickets (mine was still unanswered). I think I asked two times and noone responded so the round completed with my ticket unanswered. At the start of another round some stealthmin told me that they handled all of the tickets, although I couldnt see ANY response on my side.

Additional Information:
seriously, noone got banned for removing 3/4 of sci when you ban people for using syndie bomb as antags? Hard to believe really.

A quick glance says that this was dealt with and your ticket wasn’t ignored

It’s courtesy to say “yeah dealt with” and “im looking into it” but yeah this looks invalid

Me not seeing either ‘your ticket is being investigated’ and ‘your ticked has been resolved’ could’ve happened, no doubt about it (would like to have it confirmed by a headmin tho). But would love to know how sci and starboard quarter part of the station being mostly removed from the game resulted in no bans at all, given how you, as a team, are very keen on banning antags for making way less damage.

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Player history is very important, if someone is relatively new and clean they’ll be noted instead of immediately banned.

a second act like this would probably instantly result in a month-perma

BoH bombing is right in the wiki and even easier to do than making a potasium water grenade, its something I could see someone completly new to the game doing. Which I would guess is what happened here.

What are you reporting here exactly? The admins not being harsh enough?

Reporting that I believe my ticket was completely ignored, I did not see any messages regarding an admin investigating my issue, nor resolving it. I probably wouldn’t care if it was for a minor issue, but like 1/5 of the station was gone, also given how Franc was discontent with me requesting admin presence on Sage, that might’ve caused admin/admins to ignore my ticket.

If it wasn’t ignored and issue was checked then I’m good, but I checked the chat a lot of times for any message about an admin dealing with the ticket and there was nothing.

There is a box saying (I believe) that BoH bombing will cause massive damage, and you gotta click ‘ok’. Also sci looked like it had a plasmaflood + at least 2 BoH bombs used, which indicates deliberate grief.

This was dealt with in game. This is not report worthy.