Mrstrawman banned by inithis

CKEY: mrstrawman

Admin’s CKEY: inithis

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Golden

Ban Type: Perm

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (28/04/2021):

Round ID: 29201

Ban Reason: Murderboned on Golden before round end, as attested by multiple witnesses. Can be appealed on the forums.

Appeal Reason: I’m a denthead and I don’t fully understand the specifics of how murderboning is categorised under the rules; with some clarification I’d happily avoid making this mistake again.

Additional Information: I got paranoid about the detective catching my prints on an SSD’d sec officer’s stuff, then got even more paranoid after my name and description was announced for bombing medbay. I gunned down the detective to stop him getting prints, the RD was a genuine moment of panic, the assistant saw me killing the RD and I didn’t want a loud witness to bork my greentext so close to round end. In total I directly killed three people, indirectly killed (I think) my target via PDA-bombs and a few people in medbay with a bomb aimed to prevent cloning/cryo/easy access to surgery and revival. I had other opportunities to jump on defenceless loners or turn evac into a bloodbath - but chose not to.

what? murderboning only applies on sage lol

Not true, it’s a general ruling for both servers iirc

The only rules that don’t apply to golden are the Sage specific rules.
Antagonist conduct (which is what murderboning falls under) is a global rule and applies to both servers.

Breaking of antag conduct, Perma ban? It seems tooo severe for the rule broken, must antag conduct breakings are ususalyl dealt with antag bans, not permabans

Its a general rule for both servers, its just golden is more lenient about it

If your story is backed up by logs this isn’t murderboning.

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I don’t mind stern moderation in a game like SS13, but if this is true then it takes the mick a bit to get permabanned because of salty false ahelps.

Alright, so - my personal apologies. By the time I got to the round you were long gone, and I had to delay rounded to allow addressing it at all. I’m somewhat new to the interfaces still, and I wasn’t able to find your hours or note history, only that you had killed several people. I had several people’s testimony, and thought it most likely that it was a throwaway account come to kill some people on Golden. Luckily, you’ve appealed, and we can examine it in full now. I’m sorry for the hasty permaban.

Thanks, I appreciate the apology. Would it be too much to ask for you to either remove the note or alter it to reflect this resolution?

Edit - That is to say, assuming that further inspection concludes that I’m innocent of the content that the note describes

We frequently ban people just for them to come to forums and explain.

but dude, at end screen im pretty sure you werent listed as an antag, besides having your prints foundon an SSD seccie isnt even a major crime and isnt even close to justifing killing 4 or 5 people.
also i was a scientist you killed for no reason in a hall that was pretty empty

I don’t remember killing you, but if I did, then logs will show both that and the use of PDA bombs and a syndicate bomb which are usually exclusive to syndicate operatives and nuke ops. Sure, prints aren’t a major crime, but they certainly help to incriminate; then perma someone.

but you still killed 5 people over fingerprints man.

I killed one guy over fingerprints, I panicked when I saw captain’s hardsuited guy coming from the direction of security, and then again when an assistant ran past. Five is a bit of an overstatement, and over fingerprints misrepresentative of my screw-up.


Any further word on this?


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