MRP, what is and isnt okay

enforce MRP standarts on MRP server. At the moment it is only MRP in its name, nohing is changed.

-Enforce new space law with extended timers. Support paperwork.

-Do not tolerate working out of employeddepartment.

-Somehow keep high standarsts for command. Use things like CentCom roles or Emergency teams from time to time.

I dont agree with this.

  • Extended timers is overkill. Space law, as it is currently, is fine. The core of the issue is that 90% of people who play sec have never even looked at what space law is. Security is constantly over-escalating, in both Golden and Sage. Its an issue with the players, not the rules or enforcement, or even space law.

  • Some Jobs require cross department work. A scientist running upgrades may need minor access to ALL departments, and may visit them from time to time. An engineer doing station repairs my need similar access. However, Jobs such as Cargo, Botany, Genetics, Virology, and similar jobs do not require you to run around the station. But banning “leaving your department” would be over kill. Its not HRP, its just MRP.

  • This bit I somewhat agree with. While constantly sending ERTs and shit would basically constantly deny greentexts and be a shitfest, Centcomm should technically have access to the stations suit sensors, and would be aware if a large portion of the station was dead or dying, and should be able to send an ERT in that case, even if its not a huge one. At the same time, Nanotrasen doesn’t view its employees as people, really. They are assets, just like the borgs and AI and SM and any other hardware, machinery, or other NT owned tool. They are replaceable. That being said, if everyone is dying, and the captain (or someone using the captains ID) sends a distress message to centcomm begging for assistance, centcomm should give assistance.

please elaborate

the day I bumped that, a singularity had spawned, and the admin took it over really blatantly. Under the influence of the dead chat, they were eating specific people.

then why are you not reporting it

Doctors could poison cryo or emag sleepers, cargo/QM make a Tesla or singulo and release it (or just go wild with combat shotguns and SWAT armour), and service roles can poison their creations as well. The rule has so many exceptions it can’t really be called a rule at all.

Singulo/tesla is not in cargo’s domain, and just buying shotguns and shooting people with them doesn’t fall within the purview of the rule. The rule is to allow you to do fun rolebased shit you couldn’t normally do when you finally get dat antag roll. Yeah, it means some people are going to die that don’t need to. That’s part of the game.

hmm yes
today i will release death virus as antag viro
everyone dies, viro doesn’t RP at all
i am good at the roleplay yes

let me put it this way… antag viro doing death plauge just gives work to medical. if medical sucks that is too bad, but it adds variety and is in line with the virologists expertise.