[MRP] Murderbone, Hunting, and General Antagonist Behaviour

Antagonists on MRP aren’t allowed to murderbone, period. Excessive killing without a reason is bwoinkable, However, should it be?

—Murderboning or Hunting?
“Why’s an assistant in my department?”

Murderboning and Hunting are different and should be treated differently. Murderboning is the act of murdering another player with no reason, having no benefit. Hunting is actively going to departments looking for people to murder.

It is my belief that Murderbone should be allowed in moderation, while Hunting be punished.

—Benefits of Mindless Murder
“OOC: Jeff Jefferson killed me at maint help.”

MRP is a hugbox. Antagonist creativity is sadly lacking because muhh objectives. If you allow antagonists to murderbone without allowing them to hunt, they can get creative. Can you think of something you wanted to do as antagonist yet you couldn’t due to fear of a bwoink?

These rules may sound familiar to degenerates. This is the same logic the server next door uses, Citadel.

—A Literal Hugbox Server Allows Antagonists to Murderbone
“I may be an anthropomorphic fox person, yet my benefactors don’t care if I kill the crew.”

Title says it all. Literal furries get to kill one another and it’s all fine. Ohh muhh gosh, furries have better rules than Bee??? :flushed:

Let me kill people on MRP, dammit.


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furry doe!!


go to LRP if thats how you feel. Its really an easy solution. MRP isnt the only server.

Clearly didn’t read what I wrote :weary: :weary: :weary: :weary: :weary: :weary:
So sad. I don’t want HUNTING, yet allow antag creativity.

Also, I want to ROLE-PLAY because, “Muhh immersion.” :flushed:


Cit doesn’t have a filter doe…
Furries doe…
Truly redpilled idea but you are furry!!!


I wouldn’t mind more variety in the Meme Syndicate kits, or non-standard objectives.

“”“Fun”"" fact actually, if your role has an easy way to murderize the crew indiscriminately and you roll antag as it, you’re allowed to use said way (unless the antag you are specifically doesn’t allow that, i.e. IAAs)
I personally disagree with it but I can understand why it’s there.

Wow, that’s something I totally didn’t know! That solves the creativity problem, duhh. How dumb of me. Of course atmos tech can plasma flood, that’s very creative. Or, what about the viro releasing a disease? All the possibilities!

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you literally can do anything as antag except kill the goyims directly :flushed:
that means you can do truly redpilled things such as taking legion up to station because he’s the most unbased megafauna to bring to stayshiun excluding bubblefuck

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There is no realistic difference between Murderboning and “hunting”. The act of Murderboning can involve killing any department, including ones that arent yours. What you describe as “hunting” is basically just an antag trying to get their objective, as its uncommon to get someone who is in the same department as you as a target. Basically, you dislike doing objectives and like killing people at random. got it.

If i murderbone i cannot loot the corpses, but if i hunt i can? I should be punished for looting my prey, or for killing the capitano or the ai so the shuttle isnt called? I wonder how that would play out…
Anyway furry shit quite cringe ngl, tho killing furries doesnt give me the same spark as killing mofpshjphslhsdfffs

Yall are missing Velvet’s point.
What velvet is highlighting, I think, is the difference between maxcapping the bar to kill the bartender (based, chaotic, spicy) and Reider going on his fifth fireaxe rampage this week, flying out to lavaland to murder the miners (unbased, predictable, soggy)

People get too angry about dying. Witnesses should be valid. Security should be valid. Anything that might pose a potential threat to the antag should be valid. Cloning should be valid. Traitor atmos tech? Go ahead and kill the CE and the other atmos techs because they’re in the way of a successful plasmaflood. Traitor lawyer? Murder that fucking detective, they might discover that your ‘evidence’ has been forged.

Traitor bartender? Why- wait, why are you bombing cargo? Stop that. There’s no point.

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I don’t think that’s what velvet means at all megatron.

Not to mention that everyone is valid to be killed if you can justify it. First off, bombing to kill your target is totally fine. I’ve seen it done plenty of times. Bombing just to cause maximum chaos and rack up as many kills isn’t ok.

Killing witnesses is fine if you just shot the RD, and some punk walked in on you. Shooting up the entire station because you ran up to the HoP and axed him in the hallway isn’t fine.

Got a legitimate reason to kill security? Go ahead. If they’re in your way, or trying to arrest you, they’re omega valid. Waltzing up to sec to kill them because “red man bad” isn’t a reason.

In all these scenarios, the second option mentioned has been murderbone. Velvet wants to allow that random bartender to go and nuke cargo, “just because.”

And for the record, there is no difference between hunting and murderbone. Both involve ypu chasing a player to commit mass murder.


And if you don’t think something will be alright to do as an antag, ahelp it before you do it. The admins are there to keep order, but they also try and make the round fun. If you think your idea might be fun for everyone, but aren’t sure it’s within the rules, ask the admemes.

Sec officer not doing their job on my antag round? eradicate…
Atmos cuck closing my valves on da trit conect to the vents? eradicate…
HoP was holding my AA for me, and told me i couldnt have it back, so i killed him has e screamed on coms that i was antag? eradicate him and all the witnesses…

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There are already written exceptions for basically any job role, and implicit exceptions for killing witnesses, validhunters, security and people who have very useful items. I don’t think a general “murderbone okay” needs to be added, just that there needs to be decent justification rather than roaming the halls or maint or departments murderboning anyone you see.

More of “You were in the way, you were a witness” than “Teehee, toolbox until sideways”

iirc the exception to witnesses is when you go out of your way to have a lot of witnesses so you can get more valids by having the witnesses of those witnesses be the next targets

Example: going around the halls with your armblade out as a ling, dicing up everyone you see.

I’ve killed witnesses after a botched assassination in the halls of MRP, but it’s not like I cut their brain out and ate it.

Some level of murder is okay, but spite isn’t, IMO.