MRP Devil Removal

I say we remove devil from the spawn list for the time being. I have two points as to why.

  1. Too heavy on RP to function. Even tho this server is MRP people can just decline your offer. Especially if you have the non violence bane. This leads to my second point
  2. My second point is the low pop can lead to a lack of customers. When half the server declines you your SOL.

And to be honest that’s all I can think of. I think we should wait for the numbers to increase to re-add devil, but until then we should remove it. (We could add a player minimum in order for devil to spawn)

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It’s a hit or miss if ya ask me.

True, the server is lowpop 80% of the time (Though i did saw it peak at like 40-50 ish one time I think?) but it could work.

Personally I’d reduce the gamemodes to something like Hippie does: Gang, Traitor, Wizard, Nuke op/s or Dynamic and let RNGods choose what happens.

One man nuke op vs a small crew is fun and usually brings a sneaky/tactical approach rather than guns blazing.

Wizard is wizard.

Traitor is still the ol’ faithful.

Gang is convertion based and you have more than 1 gang, so I can see it work in MRP/low pop.

Dynamic can make things fun/spicy.

Ok but what about the times when the crew is literally 1/3 pepole. Then gang would be eather the entire crew or dead and wicked would eather be a friendly wizard or an absolute dick that kills when there is that few pepole. And nuke ops would be glorified hide and seak/a rave to the disc (as nobody spawns as the captain)
Problem with devil with these pop numbers is that there is literally not enough pepole to sell you souls for green text or at all for that matter

You know hide and seek with the nukie sounds fun
And yeah gang’s wouldn’t work on the usual low pop numbers and it you can’t call it a gang war when it’s basically 4 pepole squabbling.

Any yeah having dynamic on low pop would be very interesting as that’s what it turns into anyway after the first few minutes and the tators have stolen the things they are to steal.

I mean ~1 or 2 hours ago i joined the MRP one and had to take over the antag that had disconnected (a devil) and crew was ~8 people total.
I only had to give out 2 contracts to greentext.
Did that, dabbed on the crew, evac, done.

Though I agree it’s kinda difficult if some people just go Luhmayo no way nerd and don’t sell you your soul, It’s not exactly impossible.

Gangs would be complicated, but it’d probably end in either a gang stomping the other, or something like gang 1 vs gang 2 vs sec since it takes a bit of time to convert people to gang, due to the pen having some cooldown.

Wizard is all about the crew being half robust tbh.

And security existing.

Fluke ops depends on whether they declare war or they go stealth, but in the end it’s p much a Metal Gear Solid spinoff or literally a “god i hope the guy didn’t buy noslips and a desword”.

Dynamic would be the ideal one tbh.

Tators can always just ahelp/emag a comms console and ask the syndicate for more objectives or tools. Or to “send aid” or anything to spice things up.

arent gangs turned off on low pop?

I think so, but i’m saying it’d be nice to have them (in my opinion)

Ok yes that happens but what about when your goal is to get 5 contracts and there is one other person on the server and at the times when the pop is low for mrp there is usualy no admin around


Number of contracts needed to greentext escalate with the number of people on the server.

If you need to get 5 done then the pop is probably above 20 tbh, considering how in LRP when the server is around 60-70 people strong you barely need 7-8

Ok then that script might not be working corectly when you are literally alone. But at that point I usualy suicide untill I don’t get devil as playing devil alone is no fun

bruh i actually want to give mrp a second try, does it often hit like 20 poeple? or is it always like 3 people online

I have had to get 4 contracts when total number of other pepole was 0 ended that one by suicide but that’s the kind of things why I think there should be a higher pop required for devil or it be removed

Depends on timezone, day and the mood of everyone tbh.

Though do keep in mind that greytiding and powergaming will get your kneecaps snapped by an admin.

yeah i want to try to my job instead of gaytiding

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If you do that then you might find out that mrp is more enjoyable to play than mrp as you actually get to do your job and get to the exiting late game stuff like omnihealing ciggaretes or supper mining mechs

devils is a fundamentally flawed gamemode anyways

  1. turns out that asking to buy a guys soul usually makes them want to robust you, because of “valid”

  2. there’s literally nothing stopping them from just selling their soul for hulk and then beating you up because they’re now a hulk and you’re still valid

  3. there’s nothing stopping you from just beating people to death with your pitchfork and fireball and then just offering them revival contracts

if you’re security, there’s really no reasonable way to actually nonlethally detain a devil, other than give them the wizard treatment, which is to put them in a straightjacket and a muzzle like they’re a fucking serial killer getting wheeled into the courtroom tied to a wheelchair, about to get convicted for 21 murders and 5 attempted murders

Usually on really low pop that isn’t a problem as people (except sec) really don’t care is someone is a antag if they don’t do anything actually malicious and are dicks. Also on a more rpy server the ones about kill devil cause I just want to murder valids! Atleast shouldn’t apply as you know rp reasons. I do agree that it should be removed but more for the reason that it just isn’t funny to play both as devil and crew and the other alternatives are simply more interesting.

Devils typically get valid hunted and murdered before getting anywhere on mrp.
Also, all devils are unable to use violence to coerce people into selling souls, so I’m fairly certain killing someone and then offering revival violates that