MRP antags: Gang wars and blood cult

I was playing MRP, and I realized that, for some odd reason, we have gang wars, but not blood cult. I’m honestly curious as to why this is the case, considering blood cult seems like it would fit much better than gang war.

To elaborate further, blood cult usually involves a bit more trickery and patience with conversions, since you need to kidnap people, which takes a bit, and generally seems like it would fit MRP better. Mean while, gang war basically involves the gang bosses stabbing randoms in the hall ways with their pen, and quickly devolves into a TDM or a pubstomp where one gang dominates.

I personally think blood cult should replace gang war on MRP, but I’m mostly just curious to know why we have gang war on MRP instead of blood cult.


speaking of both

would you like to sign my petition

I’ll agree with removing gang wars, but I’m still not signing your petition. Now begone, foul knave!

Bippity bumpity you’re now a cult construct.

bippity boppity what if you wanted to have a normal CMO round but some fucko poked you with a pen


now you gotta shoot up sec

To be fair, they both end like that, but one actually takes time, and has some way to counter it, the other is literally you getting bumrushed by a gang of pen people.

I don’t see a problem with shooting up security

the issue with these MRP antagonists, is that TG and bee code are still based around the 45 minute LRP rounds that they were originally made for, so the antagonists reflect that, they need some kind of quick conversion so that the round can get moving, i.e. getting poked with a pen or getting flashbulbed men in black style, which is why gang rounds on Sage tend to go to shit, because of the sheer amount of antagonists that are generated in a short amount of time

this is greatly in contrast to the rather slow and methodical brainwashing surgery of traitors, or the unreliable method of the hypnosis flash

basically, each antagonists conversion methods are designed to reflect the pace of the antagonists themselves

some examples of antagonist conversion and pacing coupling togethor like this would be…

  • the aforementioned brainwashing surgery disk of traitors, it’s rather slow and methodical, and requires you to have subdued the guy beforehand (why you can’t do head surgery with the muzzle is beyond me, considering how you can do it with the anasthetic mask, and those basically serve the same purpose)

  • the sorely never used changeling hivemind link, which is used to link a non changeling to the changeling hivemind, it requires a strangulation level of grip (although the guy being strangled is kept stabilized albeit unconscious), so you’d either need to subdue them beforehand or have a lot of trust in them, like, Sirio and Nylaa level of metafriend trust

Pretty much what ogan said. Cult at very least requires a kidnapping, which can be detected, and takes more time, which is why I think it should replace gang war.

Or just remove gang war from MRP.

yea, currently, MRP is only really MRP when the players keep it that way, and it’s really easy to just slip over the edge into powergamer territory

recently we’ve had an epidemic of Golden station immigrants seeping into our once gated community and tainting the once peaceful lands of Sage, and the reason why is because they view it as easier to greytide there, with the lack of administration or security players and the lower population

The second one technically isn’t conversion though. I should have done that to nylaa the one shift we teamed up though.

That muzzle thing sounds weird.

I honestly don’t know how well blood cult would fit in MRP, but it would definitely be better than gang war. Issue with blood cult is more the powerful gear, (they legit have more powerful DE swords with cult blade and mirror shield) and less conversion speed on MRP.