Mr. Emperor banned by Zoom9337

Title: Mr. Emperor banned by Zoom9337

Mr. Emperor
Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
I’m not sure. Beebot says “Bigotry in game”, but the ban itself on the server says “Massive LRP as a head of staff”, i’m not sure what either are referring to and i’d like to be told.
Appeal Reason:
I don’t know what i did. I just woke up one day and i was banned. Maybe i’m not the best player, but a permanent ban with no warning seems a bit excessive, maybe i deserve a ban, but atleast not a permanent one.
Additional Information:
Seriously, please tell me what i did exactly.

It’s more than a bit disingenuous to claim this.

Beestation bans, most of which are from the last ten days

Other server bans, permanently banned on Yog and Fulp both

Were you roleplaying?


The BeeStation game ban reason was: Massive LRP as a Head of Staff. Has a history of bad Sec/Head Conduct. Auth Crossedfall

Some pieces I pulled from my original request for the ban:
[2022-06-07 17:31:59.134] SAY: Mr. Emperor/(Mars XI) (station announcement from the �Head of Security’s Desk requests console) “Can you believe that british people are real.” (Head of Security’s Office (120, 181, 2))
[2022-06-07 17:39:45.089] SAY: Mr. Emperor/(Mars XI) “MEMES, THE DNA OF THE SOUL” (Emergency Shuttle (92, 59, 2))

[2022-06-07 17:39:56.395] SAY: Mr. Emperor/(Mars XI) "YOU'RE GAINING THE gamer word PASS" (Emergency Shuttle (93, 60, 2))
This also applied a post-mortem ban from the BeeStation discord, not done by me.

Another example I found just from looking:
[2022-06-07 16:34:07.584] SAY: Mr. Emperor/(Mars XI) “what is he part of the luddic path or something” (Brig (109, 166, 2))

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okay my bad on the british people one, do memes not exist in the future? also did you censor the words “n-word”?

See the constructive replies above.

My opinion below.

Nah. Don’t want this here thanks.

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Being banned from the discord and that history of general shittery the perm can stay as per our usual perma rules.

Return in a year with a vouch from a reputable server to have it lifted.