Moths are bad

I rest my case because there are no arguments as to how they are good.

Debatable. Tell me how they’re bad.

We’ve been over this. The race has no upsides and one of the harshest downsides ever. No one disagrees that moth people are a sucky race.

It’ll probably be reworked in the future so they aren’t bad any more.

Die to a flash, die to a literal flyswatter, only ever used for fetishes and ERP, only retards play them, no benefits, look like a literal pile of dog hair, and are played by the most retarded uwu fags I have ever seen in my entire life

no you

Moths do have benefits, particularly, they can eat clothing and bypass the annoying ass hunger system, in addition, they can fly when the grav gen is off. Moffs look decent imo, if you feel they look bad, maybe port the moth markings pr from tg or resprite them. As to the player base, I will have to agree with you king. Alot of moth players are veteran degenerates, luckily they are also skilled doctors and nice players, so they repent for their sins.
tl;dr Moth good