[Motespeck] Alberto Merryman Player Report

CKEY: marshmellow10

Your Discord: bombyyy_

Offender’s CKEY: Motespeck

Offender’s In-Game Name: Alberto Merryman

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024-02-28

Round Number: 47843

Rules Broken: 7, Be Excellent to Each Other

Incident Description: After being caught about half an hour in as an antagonist, spends a good 20 minutes going off on what felt like an OOC in IC salt rant before saying ‘kill yourselves’ or something to that effect.

I might have considered this even half IC, but the salt continued into OOC after the round, and in DCHAT in the next round (47844), so I am quite sure that the entire rant, including telling us to kill ourselves, was OOC in IC and toxicity.

Additional Information: Salt continued in Dchat on round 47844 before I told him I wanted nothing to do with the conversation.


I told sec officers to jump out airlocks I think. For context, I was immediately arrested and brigged for a somewhat meta-y search after which sec 1. field executed me. 2. Didn’t fully heal me. 3. Didn’t return my belongings. 4. Left me on unassigned job, didn’t even bother to set assistant. 5. Used this failure in SOP as an excuse to then arrest me again and confiscate more stuff after I went to pick up my stuff they hadnt returned from my workplace which was open at the time and to heal the damage they left on me. They then brigged me for excess time for this sentence and let me bleed near to death in brig despite me repeatedly pointing this out and asking for medical aid. Sec was acting incredibly bloodthirsty and doing their damndest to make my life miserable for any excuse possible the whole round. I was definitely OOC and IC salty in this circumstance, but it’s not like I just went nuclear on them for no provocation.

I cursed out the various sec officers through the brig window and told them I hoped for various ill fates and or spacings. Again, I didn’t direct this at the officers that actually treated me like a human (Morgan, Vasily). These officers actually acknowledged the shittery of the other officers and tried to be nice. Was it toxic or unfriendly behavior? Sure, but I don’t really see it as fair to expect respect and kindheartedness after all but round removing someone and going out of your way to make their round hell.

Hi, I was the captain during the round, for the search, I was talking to bombyx in dorms for following you, and I heard you activate your esword in the dorms room, we, of course, checked it out, and we found the stash you left there, so the search was just to confirm, anyways, that’s my two cents!

Yea, I was told that was the reason. I feel like using cap AA on a greenshift over a noise that is indistinguishable from the toy version really sucks. Getting immediately roundstart secced before getting to do any antagging by a super well staffed sec team is miserable. For what it’s worth, Warden seemed to agree that hearing an esword without seeing if its real wasn’t the greatest rationale.

Actually, that was the second time you told us to kill ourselves, I was actually referring to the first time.

I understood this, I actually had everything we needed to arrest you 10 minutes in, but opted to give you an extra 20 minutes before I informed security or did anything to give you some breathing room. If (the processing admin) checks the LOOC logs from me, you’ll see me say ‘I feel bad it was so early’ followed by me saying ‘not to arrest or approach Alberto’

Again, not denying the rant part of the report, just giving context for the why of it. I would argue that IC and OOC were pretty much 1:1 in this context given the fact that IC I had basically just been completely screwed out of everything in record time over an impressively paranoid leap in logic and had no prospects for doing anything of value for the rest of the shift, given the fact that sec had shown they were willing to re-arrest over problems they caused themselves, were willing to violate SOP, and there were way too many of them for me to have any chance of bouncing back.

I do actually feel bad about salting at you if that’s the case, from my perspective I got screwed over some LRP tier meta-cuery and then the det told me to cope and seethe when I complained. Might be remembering order out of order here, but I recall your first IC response to me pointing out all the SOP violations and the wack search was something about yapping or some IC sounding variant of lol cope.

My response was ‘I dont want to talk to you’ because you were clearly IC and OOC mad and I did not feel like engaging with it.

Near the end of the round, perhaps 30 seconds until CC on the shuttle, I said ‘yappity yap yap’ while you were going off on the shuttle.

I guess that’s a fair response. Would it be possible to split this into a report on the Diego guy as well? Like 70% of the reason I was as pissed as I was at that point was watching this guy victory lap and gloat over nettling me to death from crit and he’s also the guy that camped out to get more arrests on me and refused to get me medical attention.

You would have to make a separate report, as I lack lots of context for what happened between officers and you (because I wasn’t chasing you around)

False. You killed yourself in soft-crit.

I can understand being annoyed in such a situation, but believing that someone has slighted you - even if they potentially broke server rules in doing so - does not justify going around acting like a dick.

If you’re so frustrated to the point where you can’t reasonably separate your anger from the game - or even manage to avoid constantly inserting it - then at that point you really should just remove yourself from the round; Go cryo, collect your thoughts, then file a report if you still think one is necessary.

These being the two instances:

The first one is whatever, the second one really isn’t a great look though.

Report Processed.

And @motespeck, while I haven’t investigated Security as part of this report (outside of checking their say logs to make sure they weren’t blatantly trying to antagonize you or something), you’re still welcome to file a report against them if you haven’t done so already. But I do believe that falls out of the scope of this report.