Most robust player/ Robust off?

Whom is most robust player?
Claim the title let’s have a robust off best of 3 fights to decide who is most robust


there’s only one answer Owen is the most robust

Ok meta communicator
I’m throwing down the gauntlet, Slav or Bruce U most robust

Gerald is pretty good
and if we’re going with that I’m also apparently Alfred’s alt account so I’m gonna update my list to say

I’m joking you was found innocent…but I know the truth
No way Slav fuck up alfred any time any place

  1. Good Boy
  2. Landen

Wtf is goodboy?
Laden I’ve heard of but not seen in a murderbone yet
Nah my boi Slav and Bruce will win 100%

@GameAdmin get working on a event to settle the matter

I still have PTSD from when Vanilla Nakimato played.

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I would say the people who have won the SSB usually and aren’t hiding in maint, so probably Owen, and TheMrFox.

I would also put Alfred/Derpy up there.

Depending on the extent of robustness there’s a lot of other people I’d put up here as well, for things that aren’t always related to being good at combat.

I’d also say ChronicPwnage is up there despite the fact many of you may not have seen him considering how rarely he played.

Tiananmen Square Massacre/TotallyNotC is also good too.

How could I forget Xlyana/Della Seelig too bro,

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Stfu and let me play CM

Ok loser

Alfred Collins last in championships

Owen or goodboy, in his prime. Alfred fuckin god tier, too. Vanilla… they can be something, but I don’t know if they’ve lost their robustness.

also this sorta happened but with teams of 3 on tg. it was for charity. Toolboxing for a cause, went to some cancer treatment. Good time.

Epic funny I came 2nd place with my team like 2 or more years ago

We do it for the glory of beestation

Slav to win it bruce U change my mind

hehe last one I got third

good time

You ain’t on players robust list and are there for disqualified
Robust players only, I’m not on it either

true true you got it

:face_with_raised_eyebrow:Owen is the most robust?

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