Morivanna Lore, Self-Antag, MRP-Greenshift EMP-Tripple-Kill

In-game report:

   Title: Morivanna Lore, Self-Antag, MRP-Greenshift EMP-Tripple-Kill 
   CKEY: /

   Your Discord: Brille65

   Offender’s CKEY: /

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Morivanna Lore

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 03.28.2020

   Round Number: 13948

   Rules Broken: Self-antagged

   Incident Description: So, this fine person, according to an "Admin" a newbie, "accidentally" made some EMP grenades and "accidentally" EMP'd Robotics and probably other places on a Greenshift that was about to end. Because i had some blood-loss-problems earlier i installed myself an cybernetic heart, so i pretty much died because of that. He was Newbish enough to get insulated gloves previously and then tried to hack his way out of the crime scene. Typical Newb-Move.  People who also died: The RD and some other guy, complaining about an EMP in Dead-Chat (Axon VX, if i recall correct). It got "handled" ingame by ... doing nothing basically, (stated down in the Additional information)I was working hard to repair and maintenance the station the whole shift and even helped build the selfmade shuttle, then get fucked over by some random "Newb" Who "Accidentally" EMP'd a lot of people and all he gets is... nothing. Yeah. That feel fair! I demand a review of this case. Thank you very much :3 

   Additional Information:Admin PM from-St0rmC4st3r: We do not ban newbies for honest mistakes. He was warned not to do that and got a high severity note which will make him banned if he does this again.

I would like to point out that he could not know or see that he killed somebody before being told in bwoink due to the opacity of the undamaged solid wall that was present between the rooms.
I will assume that you had X-Ray eyes implanted which made you not notice the said wall.

I had no X-Ray eyes.
So, if i maxcap an area, and alot of people die, but i didnt saw them because i wall myself in, i will get away with it as non antag?
Its a Grenade, probably, you dont throw random nades…
Also i bet my ass that he just did not simply spawned in the mechbay, so from outside it was clear to see that people are inside

My two cents to that picture of yours


Which he was told to not to do.

This is a different situation. Unlike maxcaps, EMP grenade effect is somewhat less obvious due to the absence of a giant hole in the station. Again, it is not okay to blow them up. From my perspective, the resulted damage was unintentional, therefore I gave just a note.

Examined. To my knowledge, the sec officer was blowing the EMP grenades in the spot that I have marked with blue - in the mech bay, that has no windows to the robotics lab.

Yeah even if he blow himself up in the Mechbay, he must have come from the outside where he clearly saw that people are inside… come on

Lets shortcut that conversation.
It is a EMP grenade, it fries electronics(randomly pinging wires or dealing damage)
They are on a space station…
What is on a space station?
Electronics. A LOT of electronics.
The EMP grenade hit two people standing 7 tiles away, so it has a decent range.
Almost anywhere on the station where you could throw this, you would fry something or someone.

Well, usually EMPs do nothing to people, so I can understand the lack of knowledge about consequences.
I can understand why throwing an EMP is a bad idea. You can understand why throwing and EMP is a bad idea.
A noob that was told “It damages borgs, mechs and those TV-men” would not understand it is a bad idea. I have talked to him, gave him a warning - now he too understands why this is a bad idea.
If other admins think that it is better to ban this person - do so.

Im more curious as to how the Security Officer acquired the EMP Grenade. Sounds like he got it given to him by some Chemist, who probably shouldn’t have chosen to give a grenade to a new player. Edit: Didn’t mean for this to be a reply to St0rm’s thing, meant to be a general reply

Imagine making yourself vulnerable to emp and then complaining when you die

So tell me if im mistaking:
It was greenshift, He “accidently” made EMP grenade (a lot of luck there…) and he threw it on robotics which he was told NOT to. And it was MRP
And im pretty sure I saw morivanne lore a couple of of times and he (she?) Is not a new player, or if new, is new to SERVER not the game.

I think those were “classic” emps

Imaging playing the game on a, allegedly, MRP Server and expect people follow the rules, LOL my mistake.

Oh yeah, i was Axon VX.
We got emp’ed in shuttle cockpit (didn’t even notice from where emp came) and sadly both died due to having implant malfunction.

But I have no hard feeling against him, because not many people know about implants and what they do plus only the fraction of them know that emp can kill implanted people. If he understood what wrong he did, i am fine with that.

Imagine breaking them because some people don’t follow rules.

Considering I just witnessed this happening again, as well as watching them tide all over the station to build an omni-department in maintenance.

EMP was thrown directly at player this time as well, and an autodoc had been publicly available for over an hour by this point.

Report Accepted