More use of Bluespace capsule - capsule corporation

2020-05-11_22-55-43 Bluespace capsule which is based on hoi hoi capsules from dragonball could have more uses.
When i first time played miner i was so happy to see that reference and shelter is a really satisfying thing to use, i was sad when i learned the game and discovered that outside of lavaland you dont use it pretty much.

But it could be used without much hassle i think, my ideas for capsules would be, emergency surgery room, emergency jail and 3x tiles wide barricade which can be placed up and down like in colonial marines 2020-05-11_23-07-04 yesterday nukies walked through whole brig without a scratch… this thing would make that fight way more fun.

i checked the coding and basically you type item name and say where that item should be, a little bit of effort and you can do anything with this

Anywayyyy i would love to hear your room ideas and feedback on this

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you know that sounds like a pretty neato idea

I would argue the barricade grenades that sec gets could be changed into Bluespace capsules for flavor to match this.

I like the concept and wonder if the empty room engineers use to build bases we launch to lavaland could be repurposed to build capsule structures in addition to this.

Definitely approve of more capsule structures either way, it would be a really cool way for the station to deploy defenses beyond single tile barricades

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Wait, are you talking about the three nukies who couldn’t start a war cause it was too lowpop?