More space stuff

Is it still not possible to increase the number of space explorables? It’s a really fun part of the game and it’s kinda sad how there’s only maybe one gps coordinate to explore.

No, we don’t have memory to do that

back when we had more space ruins which i wasn’t around for this is hearsay the server would hard-crash after the hour mark due to memory limits
it has been argued this could be adverted with the memory saved by fastmos, but is it worth it?

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how much memory is consumed by lavaland, and if it’s a lot, can be revert to OG Asteroid

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Nice memory leak, good engine!
Nice memory management, good engine!

can we not replace some of the shittier encounters? Like, as much as i love hearing about how fucked up cloning turned a dude who read a lot of books into a skeleton im sure it could be removed in favour of better ruins.

You mean the experimental cloner ruin?

probably, havent went in search of space ruins in a while

cough beach bum :flushed:

replace beach bums with a new space spawn. Like, cmon guys we need more and better space spawns.

A space pass would be great to see

Probably could use like 3 parts
A. Add randomized loot spawns that have some exotic stuff
B. Trim some ruins, there was a poll earlier that’d be useful to anyone interested in trying. Not that everything should be GAMER GEAR HAVEN WHITE SHIP but yeah
C. Blank the GPS signals (do this on lavaland too) to minimize metaing.

instead of a space hotel/beach/whatever
we get a space casino where there’s a leaderboard and whoever has the most money appears in round end thing

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Memory problems could be alleviated by reworking Z levels. There’s no reason to precisely simulate garbage floating around in space when it can be abstracted to probabilities after it leaves station level. A single Z level could house multiple deep space encounters, walled off from eachother.

Fairly certain that BYOND supports variable sized Z levels. Serializing and offloading unpopulated Z levels of various sizes based on demand is another option. But there’s most likely years of hardcoding in the way.


free miners from yog!!

99% of space ruins dont have gps

the only ones that do are the white ship, freighter sieged by pirates and the hotel

if you want to explore space, get an oxy tank, space suit, jetpack and wonder aimlessly through zlevels