More Slots for Borgs and AI on LRP

I believe LRP could do with more silicon roles. Some people never get to play silicons, and making a new AI mid-round makes you valid per the rules. I think it would be good to have more than one of each at round start so people who are learning get to play it, while an experienced AI/borg can do what is required of the job. Since LRP is the less serious of the two servers, it makes sense to have it there, as it would be a good place to learn the roles and likely improve the performance of silicon players.

One ai is usually awful enough, two ais would just be the absolute worst.

Creating another AI is put into rules for reason- it often leads to AI wars. They can have diffrent interpretation of rules. Multiple AI on one station never works fine together.


what about AIs with different lawsets based on which department they were designed to serve?

a map with like 200pop where each department is its own ministation complete with own AI that only has influence there and transit tubes connecting them… that doesn’t sound too bad in theory.

im all for borgs

this would turn every round to a nations round

that comment implies that this isnt the point.

Extra borg slots (perhaps up to 3?) would be dope to have.

Having multiple AI’s upon the station can at best: Effectively co-operate with one another & essentially form the rarely sen but glorious COUNCIL OF AI’S.

At worst, as Naevi mentions above, it’ll lead to boring ‘AI Wars’ within which we have the fun experience of Consistently turning off the other AI’s APC for 10 minute or trying to get your borg to bash the other AI’s face in!! Imo, multiple AI’s at roundshift is best kept as an occasional event round.

Perhaps we could make it so that during the construction of an AI, we could add in a ‘Subordination’ chip which upon activated, will letcha pick an existing AI to enslave it too. Just like a cyborg, the Subordinate AI’s Lawset will automatically update to whatever law’s been given to the ‘Master AI’ & must follow the interpretation of the laws their master has given. They should have all the abilities of a normal AI, barring the ability to De-power their Master AI’s APC & perhaps give the Main AI the option to automatically disable the Sub AI’s APC at will even if it’s not visible.

This should, to some degree resolve the issue of ‘AI Wars’ breaking out due to differing views, whilst also reducing the amount of work the Main AI has to do. (There’s been plenty of times where i wished that i could get another AI to deal with some human’s minor requests whilst i focus on The delamming SM/ That guy getting slapped around by a changeling / The dude breaking into my Sat, etc…)

I personally always enjoy acting as a mini-mentor to any new AI’s which pop up midround, but i do understand that there are AI’s out there who absolutely loathe having another AI to worry about.

Gimme more borgs to boss around, they’re usually better then the humanoids on board, reeee

once i saw an AI council

it was horrrific, and everyone uploaded random laws
one of them suicided from the pain of 9 diffrent AIs screaming on comms and shutting the same APC off

oh no i necroed it oh no im sorry

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Another main reason besides as a method of teaching other how to be AI is due to the fact that an AI is supposed to be omnipresent as far as what’s going on in cam ranged, but a human (the player) is not. having multiple AI at roundstart on a map that supports multiple AIs reduces the amount of blindspots.