More Sci-Fi Items Needed

I was thinking of some more cool sci-fi items to add if anyone is willing to code them. Some idea’s are;

Rick Sanchez Portal Gun - A gun that works like the handtele but sends you to an entirely different z-level instead of just jaunting you a short distance. Could have a cooldown and be walled behind late game tech, miner item, something not easily or soon obtained.

Meeseeks Box - Traitor item, 20TC, spawn in two or three mindslaved meeseeks with basic assistant access, must follow the traitors every command. Traitor basically forgoes gear in exchange for rolling the dice on a few slaves to do his dirty work for him.

Mind Control Helmet - Traitor item, 14TC, faster/easier way to mindslave someone. Stun or sleep them, force the helmet in their head slot, they become slaved to you until the helmet is removed. Gives the person wearing it a visor for flash proofing/eye protection.

Slurm - Canned drink that fills your hunger as well as heals a minor amount. Could come from hacked drink machines.

Gatling Laser - Like the LMG for nuke ops, but lasers instead. Self explanatory.

Rail Gun Rifle - Traitor item, 13TC, armor piercing rifle that launches marble sized balls of iron at ridiculous speed, knocks back target, knocks down if against a wall. Rifle holds one shot at a time to make up for it’s power and more can be made at hacked autolathe.

Plasma Rifle - Sec lathe item with tech, shoots high powered lasers that have a small chance to ignite targets. Reloaded with plasma sheets. Shoots slower than other rifles and can overheat if spammed too much (triggering a cooldown) to offset its power and not needing a charging station.

Reactive Armor Plates - Armor plates that can be attached to clothing to offer added defense and even a very small chance at reflecting laser attacks. Could be lathed after illegal tech is researched or bought from uplink or a few TC a piece or a bundle of them for a discount.

Fat Man Rocket - 18TC traitor item, one shot rocket launcher that launches a missile at the targeted location. Detonates with a LOT of force, gibbing on the targeted spot and within 1 tile around, small hull breach, and radiates the area for a while.

Reactive Chem Implant - Surgically implanted, holds X amount of chems that inject automatically under certain set thresholds, programmed before insertion, can be loaded via syringe and targeting arm. Any chems are possible to be loaded.

Auto Doctor MK.V2 - It’s really hard to find anyone that’s competent at surgery, let alone anyone who wants to do it. This can be researched around mid tier medical tech and board printed at the circuit lathe. Built like any other machine. Step inside and a menu pops up, select the surgery you want done, or augment, load limbs if that’s what you’re needing or implant, then activate.

Let me know what you think.


rick and morty shit

Nah fuck that noise


What about the other stuff though

add rick and also morty to the game make them mid round antag they come in through portal and say hey morty we’re in space station 13 and morty says oh god rick i can’t believe it we’re surrounded by nazis and then rick says it’s ok i’ve got a gun morty hide under this bed morty and then


Half this stuff exists in some way, with a few being direct copies, (we have an actual laser gatling gun) and others being similar (partical accelerator rifle is basically a rail gun) or having some kind of substitute (we don’t have a mind control helm, but we do have a hypno flash, which works more or less the same).

Granted, the laser gun isn’t used ingame yet, and the “plasma rifle” (called pulse rifle ingame) is an admin spawn only, but most of these can be acquired.

I’m super down with auto doctor for bee. Beetards can’t do medical for shit

I remember seeing some dude spriting HEV suits that were supposedly going to replace science’s bomb suits. It’d be cool to see them be a researchable item I guess.

Slurm would be rad as fuck.

Cargo should be able to order surplus hardsuits like the charlie station prototype RIG hardsuit but they would be pretty much like EVA gear but in hardsuit form with a helmet light and no real protection from attacks.

bumping for attention cause we need more sci fi shit

we gotta fix the current shit before we add new shit

Let’s see…
Portal Gun: No.
Meseeks Box: Very interesting but would need too be buffed, as a holoparasite and a few stimpacks can do much more than two slave assistants.
Mind Control Helmet: Somewhat interesting, but we have too much stuff like it.
Slurm: Sure, but name it “Fud” or “Flurp”
Gatling Laser: Automatic burn guns dont exist, so why not?
Rail Gun Rifle: So a telekinetic yog station disarm mixed with a stechkin? Ok, kool.
Plasma Rifle: Sec is too stupid to print these, wouldn’t work, give it to cargo / miners.
Reactive Armor Plates: Stat boosting accessories arent in the code right now, but it seems… not good and I dont want to talk about what she did with fuck I fucking cant do this let me skip

Auto Doc from cataclysm, definitely, never get too implant all of my cybernetics into science’s / meds’s Übermensc

Sorry for this

TLDR: Give me my auto-docs from CDDA already

Just my take.

The portal gun more or less exists. A weapon that does this already exists in the form of the hand tele. Throw a beacon into spess, then shove a dude in the portal.

Meseeks box seems pointless to me.

Mind control helm exists in the form of the hypno flash.

Gatling gun exists in code. Needs balancing though.

Rail gun sort of exists in the form of the partical accelerator.

Plasma rifle shouldn’t be added IMO, especially not to cargo.

Fat man exists in both the blast cannon and nukie RPG.

Chem implant exists in security, as well as the dental implants that no one ask for in surgery.

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Bad idea to start with R&M shit, but this one is good:

the portal gun does actually already exist in the game.

The ladder already sorta acts like a cross z-level TP

There is a gun that you can fire to launch portals though, you shoot it once to make the first portal then again for the second one

Yeah but it’s not cross z-level, just a normal portal gun

yeah and Portal is arguably better than R&M so…

AÜTODOC NOW :cowboy_hat_face: