More Races

New Races, having more races would be fun so i made one up with pros and cons
PufferFish Race
its head is a puffer fish and its body is covered in spikes
can shrink and expand at will and when bigger does extra damage but can only do it for a certain amount of time

If hit it does half of the damage back in poison damage(like thorns enchantment in Minecraft)

Cannot Drown

They could be like plasma people and that they have to stay in a suit with water
harder to borg because of spikes

When eating makes auegh sound

Loves carrots

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I just want mushroom people/mushmen to be reintegrated into the game, somehow. They’re cute, and they do be kinda thicc too :flushed: :flushed: :peach:




Yo, looks nice. New stuff.

this is old stuff, quite old stuff

For some reason the code is still in github as well, nigh untouched.

I mean new stuff for the server.

xiyana probs wants a slime rancher race

What is it? What should it be? Isn’t it a human? We already have slime rancher job though. It’s called xenobiologist .

nah I just want to remove moths

I had an idea for a race that was just an IPC like mech but inside was an animal controlling it and it acted like a normal mech in the sense that the animal could climb in and out of it and when the mech died they popped out.


yea i saw you say that in chat a couple of days ago i was the one the started that whole discussion

oh yeah what programs do you use to make sprites for ss13

That, however, actually sounds like a good idea.

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Out of curiousity, why?

That actually sounds interesting.

My race ideas are both insects, not gonna lie.

i thirst for ethnic genocide

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That is really cool love the idea

Wat. If moths get removed, you can’t genocide them every shift. Just make an AI law and get a flammenwerfer.

Reminds me of the time my friend made a lawset to purge felinids.

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Maybe when some one actually adds the jungle biome.

Ashwalkers still reign though.

ADD INSECTS, and fish

insect races would be cool like a stick insect
they are faster at everything but have less resistance to all attacks