More job specific traitor items

Themed traitor items are great, but we don’t have enough of them. Goon manages to have at least one for every job except HoP, Captain and Security. More of them would be great.

An example:
Stun gloves, 6TC for engineers and CE - Look exactly like insuls but you can use them like an emagged defibrillator, stunning or inducing heart attacks on a cooldown.

Anyone got any other ideas?

Garrote Wire for Mimes
Target needs to stay still while you prepare to choke them.
Choked targets lose oxygen and can’t speak.

I think that’s a bit cheap for what basically amounts to an instant stun, especially when you can’t disarm them.

Really though, there isn’t really that many jobs that I can think of lack a specific item, aside from maybe the already mentioned engineers, and the bartender.

Honestly, my only idea is for everyone, in this case

Sonic Enhancement Device (SED): 14-16 TC: Grants a mask that looks similar to a security gas mask, but gray, and has more megaphones. Battery powered. Used a percentage of battery power to either :A Do a loud, AoE scream three tiles around the target, inflicting knockdown (not stun) for 2 seconds and deafening everyone hit for 7 seconds, or B: firing a sonic wave that travels 4 tiles, which will inflict knockback on the target, knockdown for 3 seconds, deafen them for 7 seconds, and stunning them if they hit a wall. AoE scream costs 30 percent of the battery, and the sonic wave will cost 25 percent power.

High price on this thing is to prevent people from just running this and E sword, since this is basically like an e bow, but less stealthy. This item isn’t disguised either. If hit with an EMP, it just loses some battery power.

If I think of any job specific items, I’ll post em.

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How about giving the QM a money gun that deals more damage the more money there is in the cargo budet. By shooting a portion of that money at pepole shootd for example 0.1% of the cargo budget at someone in credit chips

You should totally make the SED play the beepsky insult on emagged sec masks really fuckin loudly too

That’s honestly the last thing I want to hear before a guy sonic shrieks me to death.

I was thinking more like “I AM THE LAW!!!” or something along those lines. Or just a generic sound wave noise.

So, this idea is either going to sound really stupid, or really cool, but I had an idea for cargo technicians (and by extension, the QM, since he’s their boss).

Export Grappler Gun | Grappling gauntlet: 11-17 TC: It looks like that tiny export scanner that cargo techs spawn with but never use. It has two modes, which can be swapped by pressing Z. In it’s basic mode, it can be used to disarm whatever the player is holding, and bring it into your other hand (a free hand is required, otherwise it just lands at your feet). In it’s second mode, it pulls the person towards you, and puts them in an aggro grab (or some other debuff, I feel like something should happen aside from them just being pulled to you). I was thinking give it slightly more range than the ling tentacle grab.

I’m not a coder by any means, so if it’s not possible to make it into a grappling gun with those effects, I would assume it would be easier to make it into a grappling glove, disguised as a pair of black gloves, and then just give it a copy of the ling tentacle ability, with some different sprites. Would take away from the theme a cargo traitor item little bit, and it would need a price increase, since you can’t disarm it, but it would basically be the same item.

High price again, because something like this would be really OP with an e sword. Would have a decent cooldown after each shot, so you can’t spam stunlock some one, or spam disarm them.

Oh boy I got a list of these:


Syndicate Slime Core - A unique slime core for traitorous xenobio.
Adding water would spawn a syndicate slime for breeding, it would have a distinct dark red color and deal more damage than the average slime. When breeding syndicate slimes would have a chance to mutate into oil or black allowing for faster breeding into destructive teir 4 slimes.
The core can also transmute plasma into Spewium, a toxin typically unique to the Poison Kit. I can probably think up additional chem interactions or even crossbreed effects but eh.
Cyborg Upgrade Circuit: Assault - A one-use upgrade circuit that when installed emags the borg and converts them to the Syndicate Assault module.
Rapid Part Exchange Detonator - Modified RPED that can insert a chemical grenade (or C4/X4) into any machine as though it were a regular RPED use. If the grenade was on a timer it begins to count down when it is next used. Tampering can be spotted by unscrewing the panel and examining the machine up close before use.
Mech Upgrade: Chameleon Plating - When installed, allows the mech to take the appearance of any other mech.


Oversized Eraser - For BIG Mistakes! Giant eraser, can clean up blood and other such evidence similar to soap, but doesn’t slip. Instead the eraser can be used to erase paper documents clean or remove the name and job title of an ID, leaving it completely blank.
Illegal Drinking Kit - Contains Bacchus’ Blessing, Neurotoxin, Syndicate Bomb, and a unique drink Spiry Toxin, which mimics the effects (and appearance) of vodka before dealing massive brain damage.
Frying Pan - A regular frying pan, loud and obnoxious but blows to the head knockdown and confuse opponents, higher part accuracy when CQC is active. Can block both physical and energy projectiles, unlike the esword.


Inverted Valve - Appears to be a regular physical turn valve, however the states are inverted (Appears open when closed, and vice-versa). Indistinguishable once placed.
Advanced RCD - RCD with a faster construction rate and a function to construct doors with shocking pre-enabled.
Delimiter Node - Cable node that removes an electrified grill/doors damage cap when attached to the cable underneath, causes a significant power drain (but not sink-teir) when used.
Hardsuit Combat Padding - Gives the engineering hardsuit similar armor values to the sec variants.