More arcade games

I want to make a grand arcade.

Go for it who’s gonna stop you. Code it

this is a suggestions page not a do it yourself page. besides github is hard. I can do the coding but a pull request is beyond my tiny brain.

I’ll make the PR if you code it. I’m not belone though I was just voicing support

thanks for the support but I genuinely do not understand how github works. How do I code something then try to make a pull request?

We have a GitHub guide here on forums and there’s hundreds of YouTube videos

bro how can you know how to code but not knowing how github works

Well you see I am a idiot. I learn some things with ease but some things are hard for me.

Link to the guide?

I use an app version of beeforums with no links, here’s the name search it
Zamso’s guide 2 shitcode (And how to make a github pr)