Moccha note appeal

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the SM delamms BADLY constantly with this player as chief engineer. bwoink them with a CE ban if it keeps happening
Appeal Reason:
As far as i remember the SM delamminated 3 rounds in a row, 2 of these i was the one who set up the engine i dont remember exactly why the SM delammed but i belive a meteor at the 1 hour mark hit the cooling pipes in space breaking the loop thus causing the delammination, And second was due to my fault. Thid time however was when a fellow engineer made a tritium SM setup which prooceded to delamminate and i got bwoinked over it and as a result got this note. Since then my SM’s never delamminate and i do a good job doing them , this why i would like the note removed.

I know that there are rules to posting in things like this. But I would like to propose a few thoughts;
1: what rule is broken by being incompetent? Even if Moccha allowed the SM to delaminate by incompetence EVERY round, if its set up properly at baseline how is that rule breaking?

2: how is it then BAN worthy to blame SM failure solely on a single member of a team? Theoretically, every member of engineering and the captain should be capable of stabilizing the SM. How can you justify pinning such an event solely on the CE? There are four engineers, three atmos techs, and the captain who can all get access to the chamber and fix the SM. It is not fair to pin this on Moccha.

3: Due to my points above, I feel it is necessary to bring up the possibility of investigating the integrity of the author of the note. This punishment seems almost blatantly targetted at the player, and not the actions involved.

It wasn’t a ban just a note but since note appealing isn’t its own topic i couldn’t post it there so i decide to post it here.

Yes but a CE ban is wildly unjust as a note, because that implies to the admin that you are performing ban-worthy actions, and since they arent the author they have to go with what your notes say, assuming it is not the same admin.

Notes are given for wither minor rule breakages for new players or first time offenders, not bannable offenses. The admin acting on this SHOULD notice this was over a month ago and therefore ask the noting admin if it’s still relevant, (which it isn’t really anymore) and often it’s brought up as “hey, they have a note for x” and then other admins will give their input. If someone is banning off of a note written more than a month ago without saying anything, that isn’t really good admin conduct. (Side note, still don’t like note appeals, they should just expire or something)

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