Moar traitor objectives

Just spitballing here on some ideas for new traitor objectives. A bunch of them are based around the idea of trying to prevent a specific department from doing its job.

Prevent RD from researching X number of research nodes.
So sort of the opposite of steal research nodes, instead of wanting sci to research everything you want to prevent Science from being able to research anything.

Ensure Sec has no prisoners in custody when shuttle docks at centcomm
Not sure how to balance this so they dont just bomb the shuttle brig. Maybe add a bonus objective that says you cant kill other antags if you want to green text?

Kill all Department heads and the Captain
A different take on hijack maybe. Instead of murder boning everyone you have to target high rankers only.

I don’t know if Beemin’s do it, but I’ve seen people just ahelp/pray for more (creative) objectives. I totally agree that there should be an opt in feature for challenging or funky objectives, though.

If we have the time we’ll usualy say yes to requests for more objectives - IF they are sent via message to the syndicate ( emaged comms console)
If you just wanna do funny gimmick you could also ahlep and work some out with the admin, though you shouldnt do that for “more goals pls” - that should stay IC

Incursion wide Martyr objective would be nice. Or an objective to cause as much chaos and damage as possible with RP reason being the Syndicate couldnt afford an Ops team so they just sent an Incursion team.

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My objective suggestions:
Use the special traitor AI module to subvert the AI, Use it on an upload console to subvert, The subvert won’t do anything, Its just an IC reason why AIs commit traitor AIs,
Detonate the Warhead on NT, the nuke code is (insert numbers here) We will send an extraction pod for you when you do so
Steal (Insert number of credits) From cargo using the terminal in the vault to begin siphoning.

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That would be a tricky one to balance on lowpop. On some maps youre only two doors or one reinforced wall away from where the nuke disc spawns.

Or even just a few pipes.

Impractical. Research is globally tracked so it’s not about preventing anyone from doing it, but trying to desperately stunt every major department who rely on the science system existing, when your objective can be failed by one guy in the corner of the map.

Impractical. The definition of custody has always been really, really vague.

This might work but it will also grind rounds to a halt.

Really? As far as I understand how it works for greentext its basically whether you are standing or sitting on the tiles in the sec room of escape shuttle

It has a number of checks and depends on the certain state of things

I think it also counts station perma and all people cuffed on the shuttle period

murder crew pets (like ian, or poly)

steal lavaland megafauna artifacts aquired by the miners(yes i am aware that the downside is that robust miners are rare but in my defense,tg has a board for megfauna hunters and i,kinda propose that if we had a same board than maybe make the game give such objectives when that 1 robust speed runer freak tends to join up and kill hiro under 15 minutes with kelatone and cores maybe.)

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shit ain’t gonna change at this point, the best we can hope for is a new antagonist type altogether

Port the Chorus from Bay.