Missing link gene should make you look like a different monkey depending on your race

do like, you are a lizardman and have nothing relate to humans and yet you become a human monkey when geneman activates one of your genes? doesnt make sense to me

so i have an idea, depening on your race your “monky” form would look differently, it would be stat-wise identical to human monkies just with a different sprite

Lizards:tiny kobolds
Moths: bipedal “regular” sized giant moths (like the ones we have on earth)
Felinids: tiny cats(2019) esq abominations
Squidpeople: litterly just a squid
apid: maybe a human-shaped swarm of bees?
ethereal: just a lightbulb attached to a walking nervous system
fly-people: just a flypersony-monkey
ipc: (i know you cant normally turn ipcs into monkies but if admemes turn you into one) just a toaster with legs
plasmaman: tiny purple skeletonman

some other races that could happen include

podperson:a sunflower in a plantpot with roots sticking out as legs
slimeperson: slimey-monkey

if you have any more ideas just plop em down i guess


When you sprite it

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i used to do some spriting, i may try i guess

i dont know how to add it to the game tough

There’s no such thing as “human monkey”, mate, it’s just a monkey.
If you’re thinking about in terms of evolution, first you’ll have to change the monkeyfied gene for all races to be unique to their own, make lizards looks similar to kalo (Janitor’s pet) when “monkeyfied” for a get out of spriting free card.

cant you make it so the monkified gene changes its sprite based on race?

Most likely, anything is possible through coding.

there is a random chance of any monkey being named mankey

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currently when IPCs become monke they become both invisible (excepting item sprites) and mute

tbh ipcs should not be able to have mutations

they cant, this was die of fate shenanigens.
also one time i put myself (IPC main) through a fully upgraded experimental cloner and they came out with the chameleon gene

make an issue on github lol

yeah i could do that but complaining is fun and besides if all the glitches get patched out what will i abuse?

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you can abuse furries

there arent enough furries to abuse because everyones beaten that dead catgirl way too much

why beat them when you can make them living test dummys

Can confirm I make people let me empty clone to experiment. I like making chimeras, I only did so twice on full blown servers though and the one time was just a human with a lizard tail. The other time it was a human with cat ears and moth wings, I couldn’t find a lizard. Pacified it in case admemes thought it was funny to bring it to life and since everyone had AA I made it a card with it’s name and the job was listed as ‘experiment’. Fun times.

fuck it, may try spriting it, have to learn how byond handles sprites then ask a coderman for help making the pr or whatever

i havent done any spriting in like, a year so they may be a bit shite

well the wiki is heavily outdated it appears, how do i do spriting?

Go to a convenience store or really any normal market. Find a green looking box with the word “Sprite” on it. Get a few of those and run out of there as quickly as you can so they don’t know you’re stealing.

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Felinids should turn into cats
Humans to monkeys
Lizards to… well, lizards.
so on – so on.

No I’m not gonna code it but it doesn’t matter and we should turn our attention to greater issues than this. Like nerfing the shit out of the synthflesh meta :slight_smile: