Misinformative Note Appeal

Title: RussianGenCoke noted by Doktorwueue

CKEY: RussianGenCoke

Admin’s CKEY: Doktorwueue

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2021-09-06

Round ID: Unknown

Ban Reason: “attacked and killed a borg for killing a spider who was breaking stuff on the station.”

Appeal Reason: This is a whole story and a half so let’s start.

I joined midround as a deaf Botanist while nukies were sieging arrivals, I noticed they had a syndie borg or two with them as well.

I managed to scurry past the conflict into the main part of the station, where my fellow Botanists left out lots of deathnettle. I picked one (or two maybe?) for self defense purposes and went towards the evac shuttle.

There were spiders on the shuttle for some reason, I waited patiently behind an engiborg to clear the spider out that was blocking us from boarding. Once inside I buckled myself in and waited to take off.

However, things didn’t go to plan as the same engiborg started to flash a crewmember for no reason (Again, I was deaf. I don’t know if words were exchanged) I saw said crewmember start to hit the borg and decided that from context either it was a disguised nukie borg or they got the AI somehow.

I wailed on the borg with my nettle and other people started too as well, leading me to believe I was indeed justified in that moment. It didn’t mater as we all then exploded by the actual nukies.

Round ended and then I got bwoinked, asking me why I killed the borg. I was truthful and told Wue that I thought the borg was a syndie borg, even said that a crewmember was fighting that borg before I jumped in. I then profusely apologised to the borg in ooc, however since the ooc channel in beecord got deleted for some time I can’t screenshot that I did.

Additional Information: I do not mind if the note is kept, I want it to be kept anyway as I have indeed changed since being noted. I am no longer ‘validhunty’ as I was before. I only want the note reason to be changed


15 day bump, I think Crossed has to look at this since Wue isn’t an admin anymore but correct me if I’m wrong on that.

Any full admin can voluntarily do it. There’s also a chance a Seniormin gets assigned to do it (IE me), although that’s up to headmins to assign.

So, you agree that the note should stay, you acknowledge that it was valid-hunty to do at the time.
What are you looking to have changed exactly?

The note only states they killed the borg because the borg killed some spiders.

According to this appeal, they actually killed the borg because they were deaf and saw another crewmember/group of crewmembers be flashed, and hit the borg, so they engaged the borg as well.

Reasonable I suppose.


Changed to
Participated in the erroneous shuttle lynching of a borg who was flashing someone that was attacking them after they killed a spider. Apparently they assumed it could have been a syndicate borg. Given the fact it was a warops round that's fairly plausible. Note edited as a result of an appeal. https://forums.beestation13.com/t/misinformative-note-appeal/19327 - Tyranicranger4