Misdirection as a blood brother

Blood brothers are a team antagonist, You get no gamer gear, and have to rely on T E A M W O R K.

The strengths:

Depending on the job, cross-departmental interaction for gamer gear is piss easy, since your blood brother is inclined to help you.
Your blood brother can vouch for you, along with 2 spaceman is better than one.

The weaknessess:
No matchmakking system, having to carry a newbie.
No uplink

The art of misdirection:

Here are some ideas you can try, what you lack in power, you make up for in deception.

Murder plot: Kill your blood brother, pretend to discover their corpse, Revive them, get your so called “Victim” To call out the name of who “Killed” Them, in which infact is your target, Even better if you are a paramedic, EVEN more better if the victim blood brother becomes an acting head of staff

Sabotage: Sabotage various machinery, the engine, and whatnot, when security comes to arrest you claim “IT cant be him, i was with him the whole time, we must have changelings!”

Detective work: This requires knowledge of forensics, As the new fibres instantly override old ones, This means you can murder people with a knife, Slip the knife into a dead person’s pocket about to get revived, and frame them, even better if your blood brother can claim to be a witness and escape, as you are likely to belive 2 people more than one.

Roleplaying: Roleplaying is an art used by very few antagonists to achieve their goals.

People instinctively trust crowds, with a team antagonist of 2 or 3 people, they can fall into your spider web