Miriamhorn Noted by ImSynthex

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
2022-04-11 14:10:24
Round ID:
Cannot check
Ban Reason:
Bought the “Oh, hi Daniel” as a non-murderbone antag, reminded that ordering inherently dangerous shuttles counts as murderbone
Appeal Reason:
I’m receiving mixed opinions about this from searching beecord and forum, with some admins saying it’s self-antag but not murderbone and vice versa. During the ticket even Synthex himself said that admins didn’t really consider it a murderbone so it was still left in as a neutral note regardless…? As far as I can remember I even took a ride into the shuttle and not much happened to the shuttle aside from some non-antag scientist bringing in their EORG maxcap, detonating it early and eating a ban. I’d understand if I ended up bombing people or whatever but that was not really done if at all.

Unlike other dangeorus shuttles like Disco Inferno, Hi Daniel is simply a cramped shuttle that is at most a lot unsafe compared to your average shuttle, but not something that can kill a good part of the crew unlike the many others.
Additional Information:
Whatever the outcome is, I wish this could be clarified better.
Worth noting this might have been before the shuttle purchase PR which added dangerous classifications to them.


This note is incredibly old, more than two years.
No admin will act on such an old note. On top of that our rules might’ve changed since then.

What made you appeal it now and not back when it happened?

IIRC I ended up taking a break for around a full year and returning somewhere around last year’s December, I haven’t thought too much about it until I saw conflicting admin responses in which one of them said that buying Hi Daniel was only self-antag rather than murderbone which made me question on the exact ruling of that and whenever it really is or not, Considering that even Howluinb on the linked thread below said that they were also told the opposite like I did.

I know that it’s incredibly old and that the antags rules recently changed but, the note still makes me question on whenever it’s still okay to, as I see antags often buying it and I don’t want to be smacked for deciding to do it during my antag rounds despite already being warned not to.

So if I understand this correctly you’re not really appealing the note you rather want to know if our stance on this issue has changed in the past two years?

Sorry for the delay on the reply, I’ve had weird issues trying to load into the forum.

I’d say both, I’d still prefer to appeal the note as well as having the current stance on dangerous shuttles hopefully clarified, I know that it is a means of keeping records rather than a punishment so I was thinking that I could have it hopefully reflecting on the current stance.