MiriamHorn Mentor Application

Your CKEY: MiriamHorn

Your Discord: Hardly#1296

How long have you been playing ss13?: Early 2021

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Didn’t ask for any, willing to answer questions.

Game Experience (More Detailed):

I am fairly experienced at medical, cargo, science, greytiding as well as exploration, could as well say I’m kinda experienced at sec and taking care of some threats but combat is not really my forte.
Oh and I also know a fair bit of engineering (but suck at atmos) and setting up engines such as tesla, turbine, antimatter and N2 SM but not something nerdy like a CO2 SM or so.
Ask me questions.


1.8k hours living and no bans on record, +1

assistant hours a bit low but I have personal experience with them

+1 can’t wait to see you in #mentor-erp

+1, when are you joining #admin-erp?

Very happy to see this app, would have vouched.



Think your experience speaks for itself

How would you respond to the following mhelps:

  1. I drank some random beakers and now I’m vomiting cheese?
  2. How can I tell if it’s extended?
  3. Why aren’t my things bursting from the people?
  4. Why am I so slow compared to anyone else?
  5. Can these robo typed people revved?
  6. How do I determine the based to cringe ratio of the station?

Mirnyam is knowledgable, from what ive seen. Some questions, releated to botany and genetics
How do i get strange seeds?
What power allows me to discreetly talk to people?
What chemicals are barred from spawning in strange seeds?
How do i increase the potency of a plant?
What plants start with the best stats for Potency, Yield, and maturation rate?

That’s a massive list that I doubt anyone knows off the top of their head lol

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  1. Sounds like you drank enzyme and tons of milk, which spawns cheese.
  2. If it’s been a greenshift for most of the round, it’s likely extended.
  3. I don’t quite get this question
  4. Either you are using a duffelbag which slows you down or your mood is really low.
  5. IPCs can’t be revved, you may have no other option but to kill them.
  6. By checking how many non-humans there is on the station, the more there is the more based it is.
  1. You used to be able to get it from biogenerator for 2000 points, nowadays you have to rely on miners to bring it back from lavaland.
  2. Telepathy
  3. I am not sure honestly, sounds like a question you’d only know the answer to by checking the code.
  4. Saltpetre
  5. Can’t say I know about potency as I personally just splash saltprete in a plant until it reaches 100 but Tobacco has the most yield and Wheat has the best starting production speed

edit: minor correction

  1. Good
  2. Good
  3. The question was from a xeno queen, I specifically asked how you’d respond to the mhelps, asking for more information would be a good idea.
  4. The person in this scenario was a brand new player that had walk mode toggled. Those are both potential causes, though not as severe of a slowdown.
  5. Wrong, IPCs can be revs.

5 was a pretty basic knowledge question, and an example of a common question.


T: +4

+1 favorite cat

How do you make hearable emotes for players with blind characters?

Wrong, IPCs can be revs.

Eck, that was a big mistake from me, from my experience as headrev I never had luck converting them so I had assumed that they couldn’t (although I do know that they can be converted to cult).

By using “me” (not the hotkey), then pressing OK and then you get another window which is mostly the same except you can then choose to make it visible or hearable.

More so just hoping for a response of mutation toxins, which seems imo the only chemical that people would ask about. Regardless, +1 from me
T: +6

Good hours. +1 from me.


Question, how do you close the damn fire axe locker window?

I was asking miriam… You doofus

ah, shit…
Well uh, you didnt see anything