Minor Appreciation Posts

Who or what do you appreciate?

I’ll start by saying I appreciate Mr Bones wild rides as a Clown and BIDPs hard work on Rad Station! <3


Oh mannnnnn!

I gotta say Markus first cuz its you!

but Shion, Lori, Fena, Soo, Marina, Strange, Sirio, Pauline, Millii, PIMBO!, Axel, That one Botanist Mime, Speaks The Truth, and thats the people I can remember right now out the top of my head.

I know there are also some people who play random names who I enjoy, although I can never place who they are!

Most of the people on Bee are great friendly players and I love playing with them!


he old
he bold
he bring the gold

Thank you!

I really like Speaks-The-Truth too. Eats-The-Sheets is also a great pal! Couldn’t have fended off the Blob without his help on Rad Station.


Well i appreciate everyone on this server but the few whose name i remember are probably Shion, Soo-Min, Odessa, Kalami Lumen.
And there are also a few others that i can’t remember their name right now but i recognise them in game.


Hehe I don’t know if you know but, Soo was my first kill ever.
You were obsessed with her and you killed me over it.
I then took over your body when you had to leave and went on to kill Soo.


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Bruh xD

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Props to Xelqua for playing along with my “murderous promotion” gimmick, and the great escape attempt they made before being captured and promoted to a free spacewalk (but we ran out of spacesuits!)


Xelqua is very nice and always joins in other people’s gimmicks for RP purposes!

I once gaged them (only) and they went on to drag themselves as a snail would, even thought they weren’t bound and could remove the gag at any time, it was really fun!

All the borgs and AI players who don’t mind being a doorknob.
All the players that do the tasks I can’t, like setting up and stabilizing the SM, or Toxin bombs.


I feel bad when I ask the AI for a lot of doors to be opened and aplogize to them. I love all of my interactions with AI players and borgos. <3

i will give anyone who says nice things about me 17 beecoins

You’ve gone quite a few inspiring speeches, right? If so, I love 'em!


I really love all interactions I’ve had with you (that I know of)!

Of mind is Sigmund Freud clown!!

GIVEN that this was taken from OUR conversation.

I think I should have another appreciation comment.

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PinkSuzki is fun to talk to.


I really been liking all the new and returning medical players that have been appearing recently(including brig phys like Fena) they’re all very kind and fun to talk to and usually have interesting gimmicks, really makes me want to go back to CMO or Doctor just to hang out with them

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Shion, Soo and Odessa. The station kinda feels more lively when they’re around.

There’s some sec players that I love seeing around like Pauline/Aden, Edward (outside sec as well ofc ofc but they’re some prime examples of fun sec players) :]

There’s a lot more players that are also fun to see of course but me being busy at work doesn’t help remembering everyone (+ the list would be somewhat lengthy)

Gary Gary, Gary GAAAAARY!!!


Pauline is cool! Once went to Lavaland with them when they were HoS just to try to find my friend who was murdered on shift start.


Noooooooo I forgot my favorite detectiveeeeeee.

My dear Titor!

I think I only found you one time recently as Joon ;(

But you’re a certified Odessa crush indeed.

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