Mining idea overhaul

So there was this recent poll for what was good on mining or not and I suddenly got an idea into my head on how to revamp mining.

How about making it so you can mine large parts of rock all at once by killing certain megafauna?
This would make it so you can fight to get a lot of ore.
If you can’t fight megafauna that’s ok since you can just keep mining normally.

There would be multiple ways this could be implented.

One is that if you kill a megafauna, an earthquake happens which destroys a large amount of rock for you or instead unearths a lot of minerals, placing them in rock that used to be devoid of them.

Another way is for megafauna to be guarding derelict mining beams that mine out a large area only once. These can be either static machines or guaranteed boss loot.

Or instead of single use machines, it’s a single use upgrade for your plasma cutter making it so people don’t ignore mining research. The beam will then travel for 2-3 screens and be like half a screen wide.

The jist of it is giving miners a way to mine a large area at once through fighting and I think these ideas tie fighting and mining nicely together.

No? Not a good idea?

Feels a bit weird and not worth doing when an option of just dropping ores directly from a monster is on the table, if you wanna tie resources to fighting.

I suppose so. I just got the idea from NSV where they haul in big asteroids to mine and thought something inspired by it might not be bad.

To me the beauty of asteroid mining is the difficulty of the actual logistics (as in you need space suit, internals, got no gravity, maybe there is SOMETHING in the asteroid? You gotta find one first). But nsv asteroids from what i heard is you just sit at a console until one pops up and you just pop it right to the station eliminating half the trouble. If we are gonna do roids at all i believe they should all have one type of ore each and every ore has a different kind of infestation. You are getting a locator/radar which tells you the ESTIMATED ore type (common metals: iron, glass; colored metals: copper, silver, gold; special material: plasma, uranium, bluspace AND gibtonite). With hightened density there is higher chance of hostile mobs (the infestation) being there. Maybe make gibtonite asteroid explosion a catastrophe event with the infestation of certain mobs directly coming to assault the station?
There should be no way to get roids to move, they should be as if mining signal locations in that YOU walk to them.


I know, but I didn’t mean as in taking it literally over from NSV. I don’t even really know how it works for certain, but I just got inspired by it.
I was thinking more like designated places that have a high amount of ore, but need to be mined through an item you get from megafauna.

Making such a detector a drop from fighting megafauna is certainly an idea, though in not sure if good or bad