Mini meatwad bann not lifted ban evasion sistem thinks i ban evaded

Im not using a template cuz its the ban evade system baning me i dont use ban evasion programs and i wanna play so can somone fix this?

Can you copy the ban reason for the other guy?

what do you mean can you explain what do you mean what do you want me to copy?

Alright, so basically we have 2 types of bans. A normal ban, and a sticky ban. A sticky ban bans anyone related to another ban. I need the message it gives you when you attempt to join to FIND the ban.

oh i see i had the same thing hapen on tg alright Griefer no intent to play ban evasion system wait exactly six seconds befor appealing thaths the reason

Does it have any names on it? I’m trying to find the ban, but that ban reason is not showing up.

wait ill give you my ckey its MR DESTRUCTOR No intent to play Griefer it says the ban was aplied by minimeatwad but its ban evasion system.

Full ban reason is as follows:

by minimeatwad on 2019-08-27 10:38:30 (6563) [note]
Banned from the server permanently - No intent to play. Calls admins “niger” in adminhelp and wont respond as to why he was killing people in the arrivals shuttle.

Not a stickyban.

no that ban was lifted but now its the ban evaseon sistem

how can i copy paste the reason i would like to put it in here so i can show you whats the reason

Removed it! Got it thanks to that one copying the exact ban reason

thank you so much im so happy i can finaly play bee station again

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have a nice day an thank you so much!