Minelol76's Player Feedback

feedback Deez nuts lmao

In all seriousness I’d like to see my position in the Community according to other players

And maybe git gud via advices

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Fuck sean Heckendora the second
fuck Sean Heckendora The Second, literally the most annoying, half-assed, and outright stupid crewmate, words cannot describe how much I hate that cyan hair colored pile of grey pixels running around hallways with a spear and harm intent on hand. Their style of thinking is comparable to disgusting rat shit smeared all over the bathroom floor, “GrEyTiDe is ArT” my ass, I hope you burn your finger tips at nearest airlock and die of cardiac arrest like a hairless monkeys you are

Need more be quoted?

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helltaker pfp-1
good choice of hellltaker waifu +1
otherwise pretty based +1

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This is amazing

20 characters bruh

Fellow memetor that survived ‘the Great Purge™️’

+1 helltaker