Mime new tot item

Hello, I give you this. Have a good day.


Oh wow, an item that allows mime traitors to kill their targets with even less RP, how wonderful.


Have to agree with Wilson here. Instakill items are pretty cringe. A brain trauma would be a better idea


It would make up for funny interactions. Imagine being the HoS and seeing the captain emoting his way into telling you he has lost the nuke disk. You can remove the “death” part and make a few twists on how the beret comes off, but the core idea it’s good. The clown has access to INSANELY strong items such as the clown car (that has literally no counter unless there’s an AI and a team of very competent security) or the infinite pie cannon that can permanently stun someone forever. The mime should get some wacky stuff too, even if not death related

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I’ll take and improve upon this a bit:

Mute beret - forces mute and mime traits on the wearer and cannot be removed without assistance like the tinfoil hat. However it also grants all of the non-tot mime powers to the wearer. Beret can be thrown onto others’ heads.

Why it’s good:

  • Mime can now kill the wearer with fingerguns (which all mimes including the tot utilizing this item are weak to).
  • Victim can Summon invisible walls to defend themselves
  • A brave mime can choose to don the hat to unlock extra base abilities instead of needing to choose.
  • While there won’t be speaking, very mime flavored hijinks can ensue

No its not. Its just mute toxin but in hat form.

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I think you are just jelous because it’s my idea and noit yurs :stuck_out_tongue:

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I mean its basically a friendlier version of the clowns reverse beartrap.

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Ridiculously broken items are not justifications to make more ridiculously broken items.



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