Mime/Christopher fuchs player report

CKEY: SerMagma

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Mime
Christopher fuchs for the round after.

Server (Sage or Acacia): sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10/5/2022

Round Number: 40724 (and possibly the one before)

Rules Broken: grief, self antag and LRP-style playstyle

Incident Description:

Literally just comes up to me as a mime named mime and starts stabbing me and beating me randomly in a crown of people after trying to strip my RPED
Went fully for the kill.
I hadnt seen this mime before so i was hella confused.

Fairly sure they werent an antag.

Although it could also be due to a past wvent where i killed christopher once as they were my target in that case it would be metagrudge

The round after this one,
the logs really speak for themselves, randomly killing the clown and attempting to borg him. Cant really say much more since its been handled and im exhausted. They ate a ban

Additional Information: I see christopher fuchs online a fair bit doing the same garbage self antag and LRP behavior, although they always go ssd after a while so i was sure they were being dealt with. Turns out its not the case.

Max anders was also at the scene during the horrific attack on my life, unsure if he has any info but i doubt it.

Seems this was handled by HelloMate in the round it happened, half of it at least.

And as for the mime… I literally can’t find anything about them killing you (or anyone else for that matter). I’m not sure why you wrote this report in first person when the person Christopher stabbed was not you.

I’ll leave this open a bit more if you have anything else to add, otherwise I’m closing this.

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I never said they killed me, they started randomly stabbing me as a mime named mime. the part about christopher in the second round was dealt with.

I just couldnt find the round ID for the mine round but since it was the round before they were banned it shouldnt be hard to find.
Theyre the same player im pretty sure, same hair, same clothes and same gameplay style.

Plus i was exhausted when writing it at like midnight.

Also gonna ping @Hellooo since they might have more context

I’ll also add that this was a draft i made before hello arrived, some of it is probably outdated, the main part is about the mime in the round before he got banned-40724

My ban was issued during round: 40724
What bungo described took place round 40723 (possibly 40722).

Even if i did end up handling them the very next round, it would be good to add this incident to their notes/bans, since it documents their repeated history of self-antagging (to better inform future decisions when dealing with them).

EDIT: making things slightly more readable, i’m a bit tired sorry :sweat_smile:


Handled, thanks. Try to be at least half conscious when writing reports in the future to avoid confusion like this.