Mime, Barber and Clown Player Report

CKEY: Fronsis

Your Discord: -

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Hank Hucklebee, Silent Musician, Kaizun Kimori (almost sure this is the barber)

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 07/20/2022

Round Number: 39385

Rules Broken: 2

Incident Description:
This one is about the Mime:
Pirates arrived, north of cargo(Meta station), we break in, kill detective in a brief fight and take him to the ship, moments later AI loses a borg to me and Pirate Captain on space, Mime was one of the ‘‘first responders’’ to the call of pirates, at first he was just watching, P. Captain and I warned him to go away, Captain iirc even tried to tell Detective, mime, and the AI to ‘‘stop and surrender’’, trying to set up a roleplay moment via talking, all of them failed, some moments passes, AI decides to save the dead borg, at that point i stop AI in maint mentioning that i have a human, this was scenario was with the point to get some resources and complete our objective (AI was on ASIMOV so they would be tempted to comply) Mime comes in, wordlessly shoves me, takes my bulldog, and a fight ensues, he throws a bola at me and keeps shooting, eventually a mecha and some other players arrive to validhunt, P Captan and I lost the battle moments later and we get completely looted.

Now for the important part:

Mime was carrying the contraband box with bolas, shurikens and paper planes (Sometimes spawns on the bar table for some reason lol) along side of a variety of items that… don’t really fit what a mime would have, the classic toolbelt for example.

From what i saw the mime did hand over the bulldog but kept the cutlass as trophy. This needs to be log-checked since i took another ghost role and lost track on how that conversation he was having with Captain ended, though he did keep the items for a bit.

As said before he wordlessly shoved me and attacked me with the bolas, i didn’t even have my guard up because… Why would a mime go head on against a pirate skeleton with a bulldog? He even got warned to leave the area, clear case of valid hunting and powergaming

As for the Clown:
Carrying around a spear, security armor and helmet (unsure if the noisey helmet contains any armor value) going first hand into the danger to fight off pirates, eventually dedicated themselves to drag a corpse of a pirate and stab it with a spear… probably like… thirty times? in the hallways, honk.

As for the Barber:
From what i observed they walked around with their chainsaw the majority of the round, and they went and grabbed a space suit from eva storage to fight us off, unsure if they manage to hit me or Captain, i was trying to run from a mime with a bulldog, a mecha and someone else

Additional Information:
There Was security present in the station, we had the Warden, an officer(or two?) and the Captain (which i think had his weapon since we were at Blue because of lings) Obviously i should count the detective, even though he died first.

I would say we got killed strictly by AI (reasonable, asimov, so no problem) and valid hunters so… that’s sucks specially because P. Captain and I were like… trying to set scenarios up instead of going ‘‘ooga ooga c4 bulldog horizontal!!!’’

We were at Blue, and from what i remember by reading the radio, there weren’t big calls of HELP!!! The crew mostly went on their own after one or two messages of our arrival, so it’s not like Captain asked ALL HANDS ON DECK TO FIGHT BACK THE PIRATES! and opened armory, i’d say the opposite, as proven by the Mime, Barber and Clown they all went with their own items to fends us off.

Besides the mime keeping some of my gear, the rest got looted by a Ling who arrived at the scene, they didn’t managed to attack us (i think they killed the 3rd of us but it was far from the main area of the valid hunt scenario) so they just arived, grabbed the gear and dipped, which is all good giving the rules, no complain here

Not sure if the person on the mecha should be included but they did head on right into the scene to fight up and… QM was trying to kill the P. Captain with a KPA, Though i’d say i understand the QM actions since… they’re pretty much defending cargo and the money.

Goes without saying but none of the assailants that fought us head on were antagonist, the only one who was, only came to loot my body and fighted off our third member outside the scene


Silent musician is a big time powergamer and validhunter, he’s always fighting antags when they appear, and I’ve heard he literally scours maints, searching every single locker until he finds someone in hiding. If he doesn’t find anyone, he apparently sets up sensors to know if the locker has been opened or closed.

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I was crew captain and I can confirm that when I tried to retrieve contraband from the mime he refused to hand over the cutlass and the bola he had.

Mimes are entertainers…. Not special forces.

There seems to be a serious lack of awareness towards SOP and server rules during low pop hours. It’s getting REALLY bad.
I can also confirm that the barber ran around with a chainsaw the entire shift.


The barber seems to be a new player and runs around with the chainsaw out every shift i have seen them, they did try to give me a hair cut which came down to them just hitting me in the head with a chainsaw a couple times before giving up (I had a feeling this would happen so i wasn’t really upset lol), I think in their case atleast they don’t really know any better as the barber does spawn in with a fucking chainsaw for some reason to begin with.

The clown this shift seemed to have had armory access to some extent for a majority of the round as they were wearing the justice helmet and riding a secway the whole time, they might have been deputized or something as the acting head of security was the detective due to there being no security round start.

I didn’t see much of the mime so i have no idea what their deal was, but i can say for certain; the quality of rounds during lowpop have been tanking as of recently with people outright ignoring rules and acting like general shitters.


If I recall correctly, barber gameplay wise is meant to be a “maints surgeon” (explaining the silver and such in their storage) like anyone actually would go to maints for a surgery


I remember the mime talking with you Tuesday, i’m surprised that even the Warden encouraged the mime to keep the cutlass as ‘‘trophy’’ i thought at the end he handed it over, guess not.

And yup the idea of the chainsaw on barber office is to use it as a ghetto saw, though you can also do the same step with a hatchen or chef cleaver and it’s less… deadly and bulky than the chainsaw.

I think the clown got the justice helmet and armor from a special maint room, i’ve seen it and i’ve used the helmet for funny wee-woo as paramedic, though having the armor and spear is bad, people have been noted for just walking around with an armor vest.

i do agree that the quality of RP and rounds in general goes down on low-pop hours it’s a trend that continue to happen


I’ve got something to add about the mime- I just watched him slaughter pirates again as soon as they landed and claimed all their gear as trophies, keeping it all shift. Clear validhunting and powergaming here. If this isn’t damning, I don’t know what is.


Paramedic moth in the picture here, I remember once or twice seeing his location as the “pirate ship” on the suit sensors during that round. But they also hung out at the HoPline while playing music at the start of the round, and were also playing the Pirates of the Carribean main theme when you took that screenshot, which I found quite amusing. Didn’t realise they were powergaming this hard.

In a recent round we had a ninja and he once again had spent the entire round validhunting and trying to catch thr ninja, along with crafting weapons and bolas to try and kill said ninja before getting killed and then an antag roboticist came across his corpse and took his brain out, in which case i heard in the round end he had threatened to DNR or just ghost.

Okay, i know what you mean but… well mimes arent exactly supposed to speak hm?
Not that that makes any of this acceptable, i just felt like being pedantic.

actual response n shit below

I’ll be real with yall, logs are sometimes hard to read. Its easy to miss something among 500 counts of “sprayed the space cleaner onto the floor”, espechaly not knowing who spoke to whom when and where. But of course you all know this, its why you should ahelp and ping admins to take care of shit in-round if possible.
This was done here, for the mime anyways. Im just wanting to point this out again for evryone.
Its not impossible i might have missed possibly important details.

Ok but lets get into it.

First of all i checked logs involing “security” and “deputy” to see if any of the involved might have been deputized before going on their rampage.

there were deputies made, or uh. One anyways. As far as i could sus out, only one guy way properly deputized, the chemist.


Roleplay did seem to mostly consist of *spin *clap *flip
but its not like they didnt try at all,

so without having seen it in person im not confident in slaping “NRP/LRP”

How do you mime a person in a pirate hat :thinking: Could be solved by just actualy putting one on and pointing to self. But thats me being pretty pedantic if we’re honest.

The story as it was told in the report body seems to check out.
Bola moment

Went into spess

I used the shotgun, you know why?

Along with the numerous witnesses reporting here and that screenie of the other round, i feel confident in calling this as stinky, though i will encourage appeal in case i did miss some context.
As it looks to me right now, defintely seems like roleplay and character motivation and fears went out the window to go dab on the valids.


Meh-tier roleplay but he’s a clown so meh
Atleast he seems to have spoken to people

Not sure why he had a spear exactly, but he seems to have been murdering monkeys with it pre-pirates being found out, so ill give the benefit of the doubt and assume having it was mostly IC.

From what i can see, the first attack of the clown on the pirates happend after the pirate in question was already in crit. Verry meh, but i cant properly confirm they ran at any live ones an exposed themselves to immense undue danger, since they were already in crit at time he atatcked them.

He was exploring maints all shift so i can imagine he might just have happend uppon them.



I will be throwing a caution his way but this could go either way if i’d seen it in round.

Okay so barber is indeed a newer player and probabbly didnt know any better.
He did certainly partiticipate in fighting pirates though, and did carry his chainsaw on him all round.

despite all that, he seems to have actualy spoken to people quite a bit, and im personaly more happy with his say logs than the clowns. So not realy gonna slap nrp/LRP on him either, (though of course going fighting for no IC reason isnt great roleplay, and theres always room for betterment)

Poor guy seems to have been stuck

Pirate bashing:

[insert the same joke i made for the clown]


update: actualy, the barber wasnt new at all. I got Japed.
Currently already permabanned for banevasion and acting new when they aint

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