Milly! (Millii)Player-Feedback/Roast

The typical fluff for brains NT Moth. Derpy, dyslexic, perpetualy plagued by lag. You mostly find me in Medbay though only rarely as a cmo these days.
What do you think of her? Any input abd questions are appreciated


Milly/Milli/Millii is very fun to speak or hang out with! Their naiveness and cluelessness is quite unique and sometimes can be a little “aaaa milly whyy” which makes for some interesting situations. In the end Milly stays true to Milly, good moff/10 placed at the top next to Cydia and others moth mains

And obviously one can’t forget about



Actually roleplays +1
Compitent at their job +1
Moth -1

total +1


Never gonna forget Milly casually space walking up to me as CE, while I’m weightlifting, asking me to peacefully gulag myself. Have you ever been asked to leave but they made it feel okay? How does someone do that? So yeah, I went to the gulag! Pretty great moth.

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I enjoy milly IC and OOC cool cat(moth but phrase) i r8 8/8 gr8

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I don’t remember any of our interactions, but I do feel nice when I read your name. You are probably competent at your job.

Everytime I murder them they yell “Milly doesn’t like this!”
Top tier moth


This… is a lie! I think? Milly is unbeatable


Good with a sniper rifle

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2020202020 full sentence


You have a twin on tg named Apple who gives me similar vibes.

Milli’s Chilli

SMH damm copy cats

Don’t lie. All it takes is a flash and flyswatter.

pretty cool moth, I like to scream at them as RD and they like to bully me as a moff

Milly never bullies anyone…
Unless she got bullied first

Millii keeps mentioning another moff called Milly. No such crew member on manifest. I suggest we get them a psych evavluation


Good player, but I have trouble talking to them because they don’t seem to look at comms that often?

Good moff, didn’t bully me when I accidentally plasmaflooded and blew up SM last night


moff. very moff. extraordinarily moff. 11/10