Military station? What do you think

Okay, so hear me out: military station. TL:DR at bottom

At that time I’d need admin approval, but for this let’s say I get their approval. It’d probably have to be extended or something like that.

As captain, I would conscript everyone into Nanotrasen’s “military”. Everyone would be sent through the HoP (the stations executive officer and 2nd in command) for a custom title and access changes.

Everyone would get a security uniform and weapon as well as mindshield (from cargo). Officers wear HoS jumpsuits, NCOs (more on this later) as Warden jumpsuits, and security jumpsuits for everyone else.

Each department would be headed by an officer (the normal head of each department, but with a custom job). Each department would also get a sergeant chosen by the head, who would assist with management of their department (i.e. warden for sec, Qm would be cargos head but a cargo tech of his choice would be their sergeant).

For those not assigned to a department, or those not in a department, they would just be normal soldiers filling out menial tasks.

In addition, everyone on the station would also be mindshielded, as everyone would also carry a weapon which is probably useless.

Idk there is probably more but if people don’t like the idea then I’ll just stop. In the coming days I might try this on LRP to see if it’ll even pass on MRP

TL:DR - Military station, where each department has a uniform, rank, gun, etc.

Also, Taylor I know you’re out there, please don’t get mad at me I had to bring this up



Antags don’t stand a chance.


Oh yeah definitely, antags would be dead before they even showed up

unrobust sagemin who can’t win

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if Taylor shows up he is going to kill me

If you want a militaristic station (ship) you could try out NSV13 which is also hosted by bee, but even there it’s not like everyone has a gun. You have ranks tough.

Alright, gun part is a bit iffy now that you bring it up. As for the other server I haven’t heard of it

It would be best in a PVE event, i mean there would have to be support departments kind of like support roles on IS12, so cargo(logistics) and medical are support and Sci would just have to be removed or not used, while security and engineering are frontline roles.

Also, Taylor I know you’re out there, please don’t get mad I had to bring this up

Am I really getting this predictable

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You are absolutely that predictable

You are right, science wouldn’t take part in this, unless I recruit them into rank and file soldiers along with service. Security would likely be infantry NCOs since they already have combat experience/ training. That or they would be MP, which is a possibility as well.

Sec would be military police I believe and sci should be used for the grunts, with all the science stuff gone of course. This would defo need its own map and server to work well.

Which is the problem. I haven’t seen a custom map or event like this before so the chances of it actually happening are slim at most.

Yeah i know its impossible but the idea of it is so cool.

Basically space north Korea.
Security will even do botany jobs.

Or you can just come to a shift when I am HOP and do my gimmick where I open 20 security slots and prioritize them.
because screw clowns

How to powergame properly:

  • tools
  • flash/flash protection
  • sechuds
  • shove seccies and steal their stam weapons
  • engineering suit with extended air tank
  • steal/beg AA from HoP
  • whatever you can get from syndie lootboxes hidden in maints
  • meth tooth implant and omnizine tooth implant
  • all implants and surgeries for maximum efficiency
  • hulk and xray

Then die in maints to first antag because you unrobust AF and you gave them half a space station worth of loot.

Just play NSV. The sec there gets better lethals at roundstart.

G̶l̶o̶r̶i̶o̶u̶s̶ ̶B̶e̶e̶s̶t̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶

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I haven’t seen NSV on byond. Or maybe I have idk, I’ll look later

You would probably like NSV, it is neat and has more of that formal, structured environment