MightyMikey Mentor Application

  1. Help I dragged an ore box behind me and got stuck in a corner! How can I get out?
  2. How do I flip and spin at the same time?
  3. We have no Exploration crew or Shaft Miners and Toxins just blew up, how can we get Discovery points?
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  1. How the FUCK do I move

  2. How do I find the ash drake on Lavaland.

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Ive seen enough of you in game and recieved enough help to comfortably give an answer but:

Question 1 anyway: HELP ME!!

2: honk

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  1. Hello there i am happy you called me for help, so could you give me more Details? So i can see where you need the help.

  2. Playing as a clown? If so, and you need help just tell me HONK

Thanks for the Questions!

  1. Hi there! To Move, click the arrow keys or press TAB and use the WASD Keys. If you still cant move, check if you are buckled to a seat or table (Buckled Message Top right on the screen), you might also be stunned or asleep!

  2. To find the Ashdrake take a GPS. Click on it and seek for a FIERY SIGNAL, thats where the Ashdrake is! I recommene to equip yourself first before challenging it, Good Luck!

Yessss Questions thanksss! : D

  1. Mhm!

  2. Also mhm!

+1, get in here


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Good response

Possibly ask people not to use Mhelp for silly nonsense but I don’t know if this is much of an issue or not

as I suspected it is a +1 from me

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  1. You can just move against the ore box if you are in a straight path! It will move as long as the tile behind it is empty! You can also just make some space to turn around by clearing some rocks away (2x2 tile is enough to completely turn around with pulling the box). If its a curve just click the next free tile right or left from the box it will move there and you can push it again.

  2. Simply by opening the Keybind Settings at Character Setup and make a Custom Key for the Spin and Flip Emote. Set both to 1 key so they will be triggered at the same time!

  3. You will need very competend Engineers who are able to setup the Radiation Collectors to generate Research points instead of power with a Tritium - Oxygen Mix. Another way would be using Tesla Coronas (A Type of Tesla Coils) to generate Research Points instead of Power. So talk with the Engineers aboard they are your highest Bet!

Thanks for those Questions!! Had to look up for point 3 took 1 Minute : )

Thanks very appreciated! Im happy to see you as a Mentor by the way!

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  1. Yep, but you also should mention that you can move box around by first grabbing it and then clicking on a tile with an empty hand.
  2. We actually don’t have the ability to bind emotes to keys, so the player will need to be quick with their typing or copy and paste the emotes.
  3. While what you’ve said is correct, those are far from the only options. Atmos techs can also generate discovery research by creating new gasses. Science can print discovery scanners at their techlathe to crew to scan station pets for some points. Scientists can also create even more mobs to scan for points though using xenobio’s golden extract. And lastly, once surgeries are researched Medbay can perform dissection surgeries on dead carbons to get points.

Overall answers are good but I feel like you need a bit more playtime. So I’ll + 0.5