MightyMikey Mentor Application

Your CKEY: MightyMikey

Your Discord: Jo Gy#4149

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since August 17th 2022

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: ROYYYY (My best ingame pal) 90% as Roy Chester somewhere at medical staff ,he also teached me before i started getting good

Game Experience (More Detailed): Im a very quick learner and adapt fast to new games, had no clue when i started and now i can almost understand all jobs (besides antags i dont like these much) So besides Engineering, Science and gimmick (explorer aside i know that pretty good) i have ATLEAST some standart knowledge of the other jobs , I am fully experienced with Medical Jobs as i play mainly CMO, Also have Captain expirience and learned much Space law, Security is a piece of cake and Supply was my starter jobs so i think i can help most people with it! Now im still probably a nothing too most others who play since yearsss but i never had a mentor never had someone responding on it, just had the luck to meet my pal in medbay, thats the main reason i am willing to become one so we finally grow on mentors to help people finally out!!! i tried so often to get a answer and never ever saw a mentor NEVER i swearrr are they so rare or just nonexistant? No offense i love all staffs and players in this community! I wouldnt be sad if i get declined since like i said there are far better people out there then me!

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I don’t think 263hrs and ~1mo playtime is enough to be well-rounded as a mentor

If you could also post your job hours (OOC → View tracked playtime), mentors would appreciate that.

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indeed its not much like said i just tryna help expanding mrats :smiley: just posted the playtime. oh also i think these are just for bee right? i played a little on other servers too before i discovered bee its not much though

Your hours seem well rounded in different roles, which is primarily what I look for in these.

I’ll give you a +1

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Thanks i appriciate it :smiley:

People get accepted for admin with this many hours, I see no reason not to mentor them. Besides, more coverage is always good and the risk is minimal.

That said, questions. I think policy is I get to ask three, so here are some basics

  1. A player mentorhelps “The mime broke into my office and attacked me, am I allowed to kill him?” How do you respond?
  2. A player mentorhelps “How do I reset a borg?” How do you respond?
  3. Assuming no other mentors or engineers are available for you to seek help from how would you, as the only engineer, go about setting up the supermatter?
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  1. This is about Rules from Escalation Policy! As Mentor i recommend ahelp or looking for the Escalation Policy at the Wiki! (Call Security first its their Job, dont attack the Mime aslong as its not Self Defense - would be what i would answer in my mind haha but as Mentor its just about game mechanics)

    1. Unlock the Cyborg Pannel first with ID or Emagg ,the Borg can also open it for you 2.Open it with an crowbar 3.Remove the power cell with an EMPTY hand 4.Use a screwdriver to expose the Borgs Wires 5.Theres now a window with an list of wires MEND the RESET MODULE HARDWARE after you have done so use the screwdriver to close the wire menu , replace the power cell, crowbar the pannel so its closed and lock it with your ID Card, He is now able to choose a new Module! (had to look up myself this took about 5 minutes to answer)
    1. Suit yourself with meson scanners or the Engineer scanners and a rad suit !!! Otherwise Radiation gets your butt 2.Make sure you have a Piping Device and a Wrench , unwrench and replace the gas pumps with straight Pipes! 3,Toggle the Gas Filters (the grey squares with arrows on it ON they should be set on N2 already now wrench ONE of the N2 Canisters so the gas loop will start 3. Set the Air alarm (Sign with AIR on it) open the Menu and set Mode : Siphon + Range : Expanded 4. Get 6 Plasma Tank and fill the radiaton collectors with one each! Then turn them on and lock them with your ID 5. Now its time to align the reflectors so the emitter beams (those huge laser cannons) shot towards the Crystall to activate them just click them then close the radiation Shutters 6. Now for the FINAL Step go in the Room with the SME´s Huge white Canister looking, set their input too 200kw and their output to 190kw , congratulations !! If you are reading this you didnt Die from an misake or an angry Crew :smiley: (had to look up took about 12 Minutes to respond) Since you mentioned he is the only one i would also come with my Character to help him out

As you can see i always want to help even if its not in my knowledge so i atleast would look up for them, and make a Crash guide! Science (This means also Robotics) and Engineering are like mentioned not my strenght yet i hope it was helpfull enough though

Good for you for quick wiki usage, but two things, both with question three

  1. You forgot to set the vents on the supermatter to Internal: 0. This means, while gas is being taken out, no gas is being put in, and supermatters don’t like vacuum.

Don’t do this. While you are trusted with metainfo as a mentor, don’t use it IC.


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thanks for the advice!! With helping out i didnt mean i do it myself, i wont touch a single tool, just watching him not kill himself haha

Well, sorry to butt in, but you don’t need to set the vents to Internal 0. It’s technically the same as just leaving Internal off.

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Same thing. You cannot use metaknowledge from mhelps to act in character, whether for helping them or not. Do not do this.


I mean I don’t have that great an understanding of engineering myself, I’m just doing what I know works.

But thank you for the information. This is why we need more mentors. You’ve applied right?


alright thanks! Important to know

Wake up mentor applicant it’s time for your 6PM quiz (: (Pretend you’re the only mentor online and these mhelps come in):

  1. How do I talk in alien hive mind?
  2. I can’t move help
  3. Is there a way to fix when a screen is just white?
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  1. You can communicate over the hivemind with the talk bubble icon up left on your screen! This will cost you 10 plasma though everytime you use it! All other Xenomorphs will hear you though!

  2. Use the Arrow keys to move or click tab and try using the WASD Keys to move! If you still cant move you might be stunned! Are you lying on the floor? Are you sleeping? If non of this is the case you might also just reconnect to the game > (File upper left and then > Reconnect) this fixes small bugs mostly!

3.Thats unusual and can also be reported as a issue via Discord, Forum or github! To fix your problem try the simple method and reconnect to the game (Up Left on the screen > File > Reconnect) if this still doesnt work close the game close byond and restart it all over (dont worry you should be ingame again in your character after rejoining) however if this ALL didnt work look up in discord and ahelp since maybe the whole server has some issues currently!

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This is false. You use :a to speak over the hivemind.

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Hmm I remember there is a talk icon too to use , but yes i forgot to mention the :a part been a while i played antag, but both ways work, please consider it (not the only way) instead of (false)

EDIT: Okey i was actually false, could have sworn that bubble is hivemind!!! Played xeno like 1 or 2 times so great mistake from my side forgive my naiveness

Alienshuttle2 - Xenos - BeeStation Wiki - Google Chrome 17.09.2022 21_07_12

As Wrill said you want to use .a (or :a), for hivemind radio. The button on the top left, that you got an image for, is for xeno telepathy which costs plasma and allows you to speak to target in eyesight range, xenos or non-xenos alike.
this is what it looks like now, by the way:

Great answer! Don’t forget to tell them to unbuckle though, since four times out of five, they’re buckled to the shuttle seat.

I was specifically mentioning the bug that happens on menus and windows in game like your PDA, consoles, stripping someone, etc. Afaik It’s a pretty well know bug, but it’s actually due to byond (or some very deep rooted stuff in ss13), and its inheritant jankiness. The only solution I know of is to just close and reopen till it works! Reconnecting works as well, but it takes a hot second :b

While the answers weren’t perfect, I still like your thinking and hours, so I’ll give you a +0.5 for now.

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Thanks i appreciate it! I would have never thought people call out for movement help cuz they are buckled WOW - funny fact

You start buckled to the arrival’s shuttle as a late join and it’s not super obvious if you’re facing south. It personally took me a hot minute to get up when I first started playing :v

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