Midround prompt for Obsessed

Got hit with a random obsessed today, but I wanted to work on my own objectives rather than do obsessed stuff. There should really be a prompt for players with Obsessed enabled DURING THE ROUND, just a simple “Do you want to be The Obsessed”, in the case that you think there’s something more interesting or fun. There ARE rounds where I wouldn’t mind, but there are also rounds where I just don’t want to deal with that, and especially because it’s midround and random, you have no way of knowing when.


I beleive you can turn it off in Game Preferences.
Though a pop-up won’t hurt.

Be Obsessed [Enabled/Disabled]

Midround Antagonist [Enabled/Disabled]


mandatory “deal with it the game is random and chaotic by nature”

me when i metagame run around looking for someone acting weird and using health analyzer on them (i got obsessed prompt)

just disable midrounds if you are too busy & don’t want to do it, a prompt is the worst way to go about it


The nature of the game is to be random.

And you can’t ride every round hoping to do your own things, since you are always at risk of being killed/converted etc. The game is designed for you to go with the flow.

If you don’t want obsessed, just disable it.


Also this, you know at least one person is gonna metagame the fuck out of a pop-up.


I was doing something I was interested in, because it’s fun. If I thought being obsessed at the moment would be fun, I’d say yes. I don’t want to disable it because I don’t want to never get obsessed, but I also am not going to go flipping it on and off because it’s too rare for me to care. Why is there a problem with giving the player more choice in what they would find enjoyable to play at the moment?

Because sometimes it’s too much choice. This game is not a sandbox and sometimes things won’t go your way. Besides, we all know how voluntary midround antags turn out (just look at devil).


if you give a player the option to metagame the fuck out of something, they will. Don’t assume good intents.

And, once again, this game isn’t a sandbox. Having to face randomness, evilness (antags), whatever which will end/cut your round short/change it drastically, is an integral part of it
You should expect this even on HRP servers. You don’t get to choose when your round changes/becomes different.


I think that the risk of potential metagaming outweigh the fact that some people sometimes having to play obsessed when they would rather not in that specific moment.